January 25, 2013

Possible buildings in next sets for 2013!

   After the first toy fair of the year in London, reports came out that although the LEGO booth had covers over the top to prevent attendees from taking pictures, they were allowed into the booths.  This information, combined with the new 2013 map, we're hoping to formulate possibilities of the next sets.  Two of these will be buildings.  One is called Heartlake High and the other Downtown Bakery.
   Based on descriptions of the building sets from these reports and other previous retailers' catalog reports, here are two possible buildings.
possible Heartlake High
Notice the rendering of it in the background of 
this 2013 set box: 
Stephanie's Soccer Practice

   Will the Downtown Bakery looks like this image below?  It certainly looks like a corner bakery type of building seen in towns all over the globe!
  possible Downtown Bakery

   We will have to wait until the next Toy Fair for photographs of the next wave of sets.  Stay tuned and we hope to follow the toy fair booth action!
   There have also been reports of some new Mini-Dolls and some of those being boys.  Considering there are boys and adult males in the Friends TV show, of which the videos began appearing last year.  There's Jacob, who is Stephanie's flying partner.  Here is the Disney Channel's video:

   With Friends theme planned to continue for decades, it's going to be fun tracking all the new developments and products.

by the Friends Bricks News team

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