February 3, 2013

Heartlake High

Highly anticipated Heartlake High - inside the school view, notice it's another Modular building for LEGO Friends:
photo by Joe Meno

Front of school yard showing a picnic table and another new boy Mini-Doll.

 photo by Spieletest
 photo by Joe Meno 
Another look at Heartlake High, along side the Downtown Bakery, Emma's Sports Car, Andrea's Bedroom, and Olivia's Beach Buggy.  Also, a glimpse of the next Advent Calendar.

photo by Joe Meno

Dolphin Cruiser
 photo courtesy Karsten Grosser NOZ.de

 Dolphin Cruiser with top deck off:
photo by Joe Meno 

Andrea's Bedroom
 photo by Joe Meno

Next wave of LEGO Friends Animal Series 3 and some build images of Series 2:

Fawn's Forest - photo by Joe Meno

  Front of pack image of Fawn's Forest - photo by Joe Meno

Parrot's Perch - photo by Joe Meno

Puppy's Playhouse - photo by Joe Meno

Series 2, which we've seen packet images, yet not build images until now.

Hedgehog's Hideaway - photo by Joe Meno

Bunny's Hutch - photo by Joe Meno

Poodles' Little Palace - photo by Joe Meno

Stay tuned as more image emerge!

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