June 22, 2013

Friends Bricks Building Challenge: Time~Warp!

The Friends Bricks community is hosting its first building challenge to help get your creative juices flowing! Grab your bricks and take a little time trip and see what your imagination can build.

Time travel with your imagination back to your 10-year-old self ... design a LEGO Friends set you would have wanted to build & play!

Your participating MOC needs to follow these parameters:
- Contain roughly 100 to 150 LEGO bricks
- A Friend-ly style that would fit into Heartlake City
- No LDD
- Mini-Doll inclusion is optional
- LEGO bricks & parts only (no clone or 3rd-party items allowed)
- No photoshopped backgrounds
- Custom stickers allowed
- More than one entry per person is allowed
- Must be an original MOC, never posted online or at an event before
- Baseplates allowed
- MiniFigures not allowed (may be allowed in future building challenges)
- Open to ages 13 & Up
(we have a Forum-only building challenge for ages 12 & Under -- see Parents board there)
- One image of your creation allowed in the "Entry" thread, and 3 allowed in the photo pool (on Flickr) and 6 allowed in your creation's own thread on our Forum
- Place comments & question on this thread only -- not the "Entry" thread; if you'd like to comment about another fan's entry, do so on their image comments area, or on their thread on our Friends Bricks Forum
- Conclusion of this building challenge is July 31, 2013

Link to Flickr group announcement, which leads to Entry thread too:  www.flickr.com/groups/legofriends/discuss/72157634250469385/

  Happy Building!

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