August 2, 2013

Friends Bricks Building Challenge: MOD MONTH

Friends Bricks Building Challenge: MOD MONTH by FriendsBricks

August Building Challenge is to modify a new LEGO Friends set!
With the newest wave of LEGO Friends sets available most everywhere now -- let's see how creative you can be in "modifying" the set designs into what your style is all about! You can use any set, not just the very newest.

Add a 2nd floor, a roof, or build walls & a room for a set that doesn't have any on the box. Create a scene for your favorite set designs. Imagine a landscape for a pleasant drive or beach for cruising. Any set & any Mod!

Make sure the original set design is easily recognizable in your final MOC image. You can use its official set name, or have fun composing a new title.

Post one image here or our Forum and three in the photo pool, if you'd like.

Have a very MOD August!
Results from our previous building challenge!
Have fun building!

** Resulting creations from this MOD Month Building Challenge!

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