September 30, 2013

A LEGO Friends Promo Necklace in Hungary

Susan (aka Lego My Mamma) told me today about an interesting LEGO Friends necklace she had come across via a Hungarian tweet on Twitter (

It's a LEGO Friends cat necklace that neither of us knew about, so it made me very curious. I started to look for some information on this item, which turned out to be not so easy when you don't speak Hungarian! But after figuring out "nyaklánc" means "necklace", I found a few other Hungarian online stores that offer this promo item: when you buy 2000 Hungarian Forint worth of LEGO Friends products, you'll get this necklace for free! According to one of the ads I found (, the promotion started on August 12th and is ending today.

I also found this item on a Hungarian auction site. The necklace comes in an official LEGO plastic bag, but it only says "Ages 6+" and "Children's Jewelry" and there's no item number written on it.

I hope some of you in Hungary have had a chance to get one! Let's hope this cute necklace will also be available in other countries soon.

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Anonymous said...

I want one!!! I collect all the Lego cats. :-)

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