June 27, 2014

LEGO Friends Magazine

Earlier this week, Susan made a post on our Friends Bricks Forum about the new magazine dedicated to LEGO Friends. According to the press release she provided, this magazine will be published by German company Blue Ocean Entertainment and available in various European markets. The monthly magazine will have 12 pages of stories, puzzles, and craft ideas, plus each issue will include an exclusive, original LEGO Friends Playset.

So that got me curious and I searched online.  I came across a few interesting images shared by noriart on flickr.

Note the Charlie mini-set that comes with this particular issue as well as the beach-themed mini-set that will accompany the following issue.

I have also seen the covers of the German, Dutch and UK English versions of the upcoming issue, which will come out in July.

I hope this magazine becomes available in the US, too!

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