July 24, 2014

New 2014 LEGO Friends brick separator!

Apparently it's "knock-off Fool's Day" as this isn't a LEGO brick separator after all ... it's a shame some marketplace seller placed it in a photo with legitimate LEGO-licensed products.

Those of us who have broken many finger nails trying to remove bricks from 'clutching' each other, in order to re-build another creation, always have a brick separator nearby.  The first ones were green, and the most recent are orange with an added technic axle shape at the end to push those pieces out when they are stuck.
Now LEGO Friends has a unique brick separator that is somewhat dolphin-shaped and is yellow, with a lovely printed wispy wing design on the side. [Edit: this is not a LEGO product]

It was first spotted in this product photograph (below) of the "1,000 Brick ZipBin Toybox" by Neat-Oh!  (Which is a certified LEGO-licensed product.)  The brick separator, Friends bricks and a small set do not come with this storage product; although it can hold 1,000 bricks, unzips for build area with backdrop scenes, then zips back up with velcro secure lid and handles for easy transport.  That is really cool!

I hope this cute and ergonomically shaped brick separator ends up in Friends brick set boxes soon!
Take a look at the additional new 2014 storage items for LEGO Friends.

Thanks to Diane Farrell (co-owner of Neat-Oh!) for informing us the brick separator does not come with their products.

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