March 5, 2015

Mini-movie Episode 7

Finally, the brand new mini-movie is scheduled to air this month! Episode 7 is called *"Kate's Island" , and should be 22 minutes long just like the previous six episodes. It will be broadcast on Disney Channel at 9:00AM on Sunday, March 15th in my area of the US. Please check if and when it will come on in your region or country. I know it will premier a week earlier on French TV.

*Edited on March 12th: the title for the new episode has recently been changed from "Kate's Island" to "Andrea's Big Moment". "Kate's Island" must be another episode for later this season. 

If you are also a fan of the new Elves Elves theme, don't forget to watch the Elves mini-movie, either! In my area it will come on at 9:00 AM on Sunday, March 8th on Disney Channel.

*Spoiler Alert* (added on March 12th)

Fabie, a forum member in France, has told me about the new episode which aired on Gulli in France on Saturday, March 7th!

According to her, what was shown in France is "Un talent à part", with a talent contest and the introduction of Livi. This must be the episode called "Andrea's Big Moment" in English.

Apparently, this episode is supposed to go with the release of the upcoming Pop Star subtheme. I guess TLG is introducing Livi and the new subtheme early so that fans will know them before the products become available!

The premiere of "Kate's Island", which was announced earlier, must have been delayed in favor of promoting the upcoming Pop Star subtheme. I think "Kate's Island" may feature the hot air balloon and the lighthouse as well as the LEGO Friends character called Kate. My guess is they might even discuss the legend about the pirate named "Dark-eyed Kate" (who is mentioned in LEGO Friends Brickmaster). Let's hope we find out more about it soon!

Below are some screen shots from Episode 7 kindly sent by Fabie.

Please stop here if you don't want to see them!

Once again, many thanks to our member Fabie!!

 A new intro for the new season!


Stephanie's frenemy Tanya is back!!

Mr. mayor: the character who makes the most appearances after the five Friends

Could this be Olivia's invention?!

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