August 11, 2015

LEGO Friends Music

Lego Friends

Possibly to coincide with the release of the Pop Star sets, most of the LEGO Friends songs from the mini-movie episodes have recently become available for download. Each song is $1.29, but if you get all the six songs, it's $5.99. Get your Livi and Andrea mini-dolls to sing these happy LEGO Friends songs!
Here are the songs that are currently available for purchase:

The BFF Song (Best Friends Forever)
The BFF Song /Best Friends Forever (from Episode 2: Stephanie's Surprise Party)

Friends Are Forever
Friends Are Forever (from Episode 3: Dolphin Cruise)

Ranch Romance
Ranch Romance (from Episode 4: Country Girls aka Mia's Ranch Romance)

Together (from Episode 5: Emma's Dilemma)

Forever Us
Forever Us (from Episode 6: Friends of the Jungle)

The Power Of Friendship
Power of Friendship (from Episode 7: Andrea's Big Moment)

"We Can Do It" from Episode 1 is not available. There are also a couple of newer songs that are not available yet: "Friends Trust Friends" (from Episode 9: The Grand Hotel) and "In This Together".

Which song is your favorite?


Unknown said...

The Grand Hotel? When did that come out??

Maya said...

Hi Laurie,
The Grand Hotel episode will premiere on Disney Channel on Sunday August 23rd. Kate's Island is also scheduled for this coming Sunday.

Unknown said...


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