December 1, 2015

2015 Friends Advent Calendar

2015 Friends Advent Calendar REVEAL!
at the
Winter Village in Heartlake City Square
Day 1: Andrea mini-doll in a festive sweater

Day 2: Ice Skates and a cozy seat near the frozen lake for putting
them on, plus a festive poinsettia flower

Day 3: Sled

Day 4: Snowman

Day 5: Liza

Day 6: Ski equipment
December 6th - week 1 - surprise alternate building ideas unlocked

Day 7: stage and microphone

Day 8: Sound speaker

 Day 9: Saxophone and stand

 Day 10: Azure accessories

 Day 11: Holiday costume "dressing up" items with storage crate

Day 12: Bunny in a hutch with carrot

Day 13: Christmas Market stall
December 13th - week 2 - surprise alternate building ideas unlocked

Day 14: Oven to bake holiday cupcakes

 Day 15: Hot Chocolate

Day 16: Holiday candy and cake

Day 17: Two benches and a small fire pit

 Day 18: Table

Day 19: Ice Hockey sticks, rack and puck

Day 20: Ice Hockey goals
 Alternate building ideas from week 3

Day 21: Launcher and snowballs for the Knock 'Em Over game

Day 22: Targets for the Knock 'Em Over game

Day 23: Christmas Tree

Day 24: Penguin

Alternate building ideas for week 4

Winter Village 2015

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olivia said...

My daughter wants it for Christmas, so I'm going to order it and type a comment when it gets here.

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