January 17, 2016

Spotlight: Heartlake Supermarket

LEGO Friends Heartlake Supermarket (41118) welcomes customers with a
bright & curvy design complete with built-in displays, plus it
opens up for restocking the super-fun new printed food items!
Box shows Mia passing the news stand as Daniel gets ready to greet new customers.
The inset image features the new 2016 cash register design printed on a 2x4 slope
brick.  You can also see the store's location -- across from the Cupcake Cafe!
Box back illustrates built-in hinges, tongs for handling delicate pastries (thanks to Exo-Force),
Mia checking out the beauty products, and the cold food display case.

The market sections are hinged to open for easy access.  You build-in a clip
brick that will clutch the bar on the 1x1 brick where the
arrow points -- so your model is secure when you pick it up.
Very cool solution to protect hinges from being accidentally broken.

See the market with the sections full open.  This footprint looks ideal for re-building this
set as a modular row-house style to fit into a downtown spot in a bigger City.
Yes, that's a printed chocolate bar in Daniel's hand!

Details and realism are some hallmarks of Friends sets, and this supermarket is stocked with
new intricately printed items: Fruit Tart/Danish, Chocolate Bar, Sushi, and Watermelon.

We even get to build a shopping cart & return rack.
It's a good thing Mia is putting her cart away properly -- it would be a shame for
the lovely azure paint on her roadster to get scratched.

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