February 27, 2016

A very up-Lifting new map for Heartlake City!

Fans have certainly noticed the new building-block, monochrome maps for Heartlake City in 2016.  The previous maps were getting quite full and somewhat hard to know where each set structure is actually placed in relation to others.  We know this from using the 2014 map as our set reviews page.
   The 2016 maps are in the instruction booklets of new sets, plus other printed & digital LEGO Friends media -- yet, this map is on the wall of an elevator!  Yep, you get to search for your favorite spot while ascending to the next level.  As added experience, the vinyl walls are scented and the lift includes music.
   This "Let's be Friends" campaign is located in mall lifts in the UK and is called "Adlift, Experience" by its creator, a company called Limited Space.  Lift riders get to see lovely large, glossy images of the new sets, such as the Heartlake Supermarket.

     The Heartlake Cupcake Cafe looks great next to the elevator buttons!
   Shoppers have a choice to enter the lift with this campaign.  Adlift has a wide variety of other brands they showcase in this media style, so mall customers can choose other elevators with varying ad experiences: movie trailers (such as Zootopia), Burberry clothing, airlines, and sound equipment from Bose, which demonstrate their headphones.
   Once the lift is chosen, the shopper is immersed in the product story.  So, one could say this is like a 'momentary' trip to Heartlake City!
   Here is one version of the new 2016 maps -- this one features Heartlake Supermarket, Heartlake Cupcake Cafe, and 2015's Emma's House -- which are color-penciled in for location.  Other printed maps shift to show other sections of the city.  The grid-type presentation also makes use of scanning possibilities -- such as how Zobo, Olivia's robot does in the video of her showing us around her favorite places.
   So far I haven't seen this as a printed product, such as playmat, to build and place structures.  It may not be intended for that, or we may see some other augmented reality application.
   Whatever comes of these maps -- I can say for now, I really enjoy that center heart-shaped tree!

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