February 4, 2016

Build a display stand

Blending LEGO building with useful items we use around our homes has recently gained in popularity -- with all types of lifestyle and fashion uses across society.  That's why these building tutorials from the LEGO Friends team are not only helpful for learning building techniques -- they are also in style!
So far the items are: a flower-box (that would be handy for Valentines or Mothers Day), string art (create your name for your door perhaps), a kaleidoscope (with bricks creating the groovy shapes & color illusions), a "bricked" floral addition to a headband (or a cool crown one at the end of that tutorial), and the Cupcake display stand that has been embed below (could be built for different food items, or fun for AFOL weddings, and the tutorial also shows other styles ideas at the end):

Click through to YouTube and you should see the prompts for the rest of the tutorials on the right sidebar.
Enjoy the inspiration!

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