March 10, 2016

Power of Friendship: New Friends Episodes

New LEGO Friends mini-movie/TV episodes are now available exclusively on Netflix!

It was previously announced that four new episodes would be released this year, and two of them have recently come out on Netflix.

The Friends mini-movie episodes have existed since 2012, and they have been broadcast as a TV series called "Friends of Heartlake City" in the US. This year the series got the new name: "Power of Friendship".

Here's a list of all the mini-movie episodes released in English so far:

New Girl in Town

Stephanie's Surprise Party
Dolphin Cruise

Country Girls (aka Mia's Ranch Romance)
Emma's Dilemma
Friends of the Jungle

Andrea's Big Moment
Kate's Island
The Grand Hotel

Camp Wild Hearts
Slam Dunk

There is one episode which has not been released on Netflix yet, but its Korean version was added to the official LEGO youtube page last month.

It says to be the 10th episode, and based on the chronological facts surrounding Tanya's dad/the new mayor, the two new Netflix episodes are supposed to follow that Student Council President episode ("Getting Out the Vote") not currently available in English.

All the three episodes we know about from 2016 feature a brand new song sung by L2M, the group of five North American girls between the ages 11-12, all talented in singing and dancing. Apparently, they debuted together with the February release of the LEGO Friends direct-to-video movie "Girlz 4 Life".

I wonder if those five girls are the ones selected at the Pop Star audition I talked about back in January 2015.


Anonymous said...

Hi. I'm a fan of the animated series, not so much with the actual brick sets. Just wanted to say that I think you have a very pretty blog and that I can't wait to get a Netflix account so I can start watching these new episodes.

minnah mubbashar said...

when will more episodes of lego friends come on netflix

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