April 8, 2016

LEGO House: Naming Food & Beverage areas

Let's help LEGO with names for the Food & Beverage areas at the new LEGO House!

                                                     LEGO House - Home of the Brick
A new and never seen before world-class LEGO experience to open in second half in 2017
LEGO House is a hands-on minds-on experience center where LEGO fans of all ages are invited to discover the magic behind the LEGO brand, experience the LEGO story and be inspired by the endless play and learning possibilities of the LEGO brick. Six different experience zones, three restaurants and a state of the art brand store invite guests from all over the world to interact, build and play in a breathtaking setting.
The building is designed by BIG architect Bjarke Ingels, will be 23 m tall and include 12,000 m² full of LEGO experiences.

Located in Billund, Denmark, LEGO House will have three areas for Food & Beverages. The working title for the three areas are Café, Family restaurant and The Mezzanine. Each area has an own concept. 

The Café:
The Café is a trendy food & beverage area providing easy to pick refreshments to the LEGO House guests. You will spend approx. 15 min in the Café to enjoy a good coffee, lemonade or a glass of beer or wine while you are having a snack, sandwich or a piece of cake. You can order from a display of prepared food.

The Family restaurant:
The Family restaurant is the place to eat lunch or dinner for families visiting the LEGO House. You order your meal by building it in a LEGO way with a fun, interactive and playful family experience and can enjoy high quality food. There will be a menu card. You will spend approx. 45-60 min in the Family restaurant.

The Mezzanine:
The Mezzanine is the place to go for an evening out with business partners or friends. It provides fine dining with a fun and subtle LEGO twist. You spend +90 min in this culinary gastronomy to enjoy high-level food and spend quality time with your network.
More information about the LEGO House
Friends Bricks members: We've been asked to come up with names for these new Dining areas and we will submit them to LEGO via the LEGO Ambassador Network.  The top 3 names for each of the three spots will be submitted.

Deadline for your name ideas is May 5th, 2016
Reply with your ideas in a comment here on Heartlake Times, or on the Friends Bricks Facebook page, or Forum, or Flickr's LEGO Friends group.

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Terra said...

Cafe, Cuppa Bricks
Family, Baseplate Dining
Mezzanine, Sky Bricks

I want to go there someday!

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