March 29, 2017

Official LEGO Friends Summer 2017 sets and Polybags

LEGO Friends Summer 2017 (2HY2017) set images:

Heartlake City warm setting sets: 

Heartlake Hospital 41318

Heartlake surf Shop 41315

Andrea's Speedboat Transporter 41316

 Sunshine Catamaran 41317

 Heartlake Frozen Yogurt Shop 41320

Heartlake City Playground 41325
Read about this LEGO Designer Contest winning set
Snow Resort winter setting sets: 

Snow Resort Hot Chocolate Van 41319 

 Snow Resort Off-Roader 41321

Snow Resort Ice Skating Rink 41322

Snow Resort Chalet 41323

Snow Resort Ski Lift 41324
Ski Pod 5004920

Snowboard Tricks 30402

LEGO Friends Storage Box 40266

Heartlake City accessory/expansion pack 40266


Below is the 2017 Advent Calendar


 LEGO Friends 2017 Advent Calendar 41326

See all set descriptions here!


Anonymous said...

I've been counting the days till these come out!
I'm so excited for the ski resort sets!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, I've already seen majority of them, but not Ski Pod 5004920 in good quality and at all Snowboard Tricks 30402 Heartlake City accessory/expansion pack 40266. Does anybody know when will Lego Company release it? I'm very interested in Ski Pod and in Heartlake City accessory/expansion pack especially.
Thank you!

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