September 27, 2017

Share ideas of a "Gift with Purchase" set

Do you enjoy "gift with purchase" sets?
Ideas for "Gift with Purchase" sets needed!!

The LEGO Community Engagement Team and Marketing Integration department are asking for adult fan communities to brainstorm concepts for future "gift with purchase" [GWP] sets (free items obtained with qualified purchase of a LEGO offer).

As an example:
*** For Friends fans, this Keepsake Box will be a GWP starting October 1st at S@H and LEGO Brand stores. ***

   Add YOUR idea of a GWP set that you'd like in a comment and our ideas will be collected and then put forth on the LEGO Ambassador Network.
    Even if your idea is already in a comment by someone else, add it -- because all collective ideas will be ranked to create a top 5 list.
    Here are the guidelines for considering a concept:

   -- Ideas consisting of or containing copies of any existing third party work or creation or infringements of any third party intellectual property right will not be eligible for this activity
   -- However, ideas to themes within the current LEGO portfolio are welcome: LEGO Star Wars, LEGO DC Comics™ Super Heroes including original characters and LEGO created IPs, such as LEGO Friends, LEGO NEXO Knights, and LEGO Elves, are allowed.
   -- Ideas consisting of or containing trademarked terms, or names that otherwise constitute infringements of any third party intellectual property right will not be eligible for this activity.
   -- Ideas should be compatible with the current LEGO system of play. This means that all ideas have to be possible to execute with the current portfolio of bricks & LEGO Minifigures.
   Please remember to consider the LEGO brand values. This means no:
   -- Politics and political symbols, campaigns, or movements
   -- Religious references including symbols, buildings, or people
   -- Sex, nudity, drugs, alcohol or smoking
   -- Swearing or profanity
   -- Death, killing, blood, terrorism, horror, or torture
   -- First-person shooter video games
   -- Warfare or war vehicles in any modern or present-day situation, or national war memorials
   -- Large or human-scale weapons or weapon replicas of any kind, including swords, knives, guns, sci-fi or fantasy blasters, etc.
   -- Racism, bullying, or cruelty to real life animals
   Ideas containing defamatory or degrading elements will not be eligible for this activity.

>>>>The deadline for our ideas is October 31<<<<
This is a great opportunity to influence future offerings!

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Anonymous said...

City: a polybag with the new Santa. Friends: a polybag containing both minidolls from the 2013 advent calendar & a snowman & Christmas tree. Elves a polybag with Farran & a selection of elven plants.

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