June 3, 2018

Review: 41347 Heartlake City Resort

Working very hard all year long? It's time for a well deserved vacation. There is a new Heartlake City Resort. Let's go there.

This set was provided by the AFOL Engagement of The LEGO Group for the purpose of sharing set details with fans. Opinions provided here solely reflect those of our reviewer. Photographs are property of FriendsBricks and are not directed by TLG in any fashion.

The box is big.  It measures 465mm x 375mm x 85mm. The front of the box features the new 2018 look with the new Friends inside a heart and doodle artwork on the purple flanges. There is a monorail with arrows showing how it is supposed to work.

The back of the box shows the play features of this set. There is much to do and enjoy.

Here are the sides of the box. Your retail box won't have the NOT FOR SALE sticker on top of the UPC code. I like how they have additional pictures on the sides now.

Inside the box there are 7 numbered bags, 2 unnumbered bags, a bag containing the instruction manual and stickers, and printed plastic sheet. That's a lot of plastic bags. They have number 5 recyclable code if your jurisdiction accepts PP (Polypropylene).

You get 1.2 kilograms of LEGO pieces with this set.

Here is the front of the instruction manual. It has 208 pages.

The back page has the provide feedback for a chance to win a LEGO prize.

A page for LEGO Life and some pictures by fans.

Here we see the 2nd half of the year go-kart sets.

A page showing the features of Heartlake City Resort.

There are 3 pages listing the part lists. It's a big one.

A sample of the building instructions. Each step is easy to follow along with a few pieces added at a time.

Here is the sticker sheet. There are 26 numbered stickers. You'll get a lot of practice stickering.

The printed plastic sheet for the sails. It appears to be unique to this set.

Parts in unnumbered bag one. The slides now come in dark pink. Those slides are useful for Great Ball Contraptions.

Unnumbered bag two. The curved roller coaster tracks in light bluish grey are new for 2018. Nice that there is enough curves to make a full circle.

Here are the contents of bag #1. The fence pieces and cockpit bottom are new in dark pink for 2018. The lime surfboard is found in one other set.  The dolphin is similar to the one in the Dolphin Cruiser set. You also get a handy brick separator.

Here is the first smaller bag. The 5 petal flowers and magenta headphones are new for 2018.

Here is the second smaller bag. The green leaves appears to be new. The bright light orange 1x2 curved inverted slope was used in 3 other sets.

Finishing bag #1, we have the terrace with DJ equipment, jet-ski with parasailer, and wind surfboard. I think Sheen the dolphin wants a ride in the jet-ski.

Let's take a look at the minidolls. Here is Stephanie. She has a new top and white sandals. LEGO even gave her a belly button.

Andrea is rocking a new top with tassles and dark blue sandals.

Olivia has a new top and bottom. She has a belly button too.

Mason appears to be a new character He is shirtless. Hope he has sunscreen on.

To bag #2 we go. The bright light yellow 8x8 plate and lime modified 1x2 brick with stud on side appear to be new.

First small bag, the taco pieces are new for 2018. The light aqua 1x4 tile is only available in 3 other sets.

Second small bag.

Finishing bag #2, we have the restaurant with yummy for tummy food. You can see the removable hinges used to connect the sections together next to Stephanie.

Moving to bag #3, the 3x3x2 dark blue dome top appears to be new for 2018. The white clam shell piece and dark blue 1x3x2 curve has only been used in four other sets.

First of the small bags.

Second small bag.

Through the magic of big hands construction we have the hotel rooms completed. Is it time for a nap? Not yet, we have 4 more bags to go.

To bag #4 we go, the dark blue suitcase with extended handle is new for 2018.

Small bag one.

Small bag two.

Bag #4 turns into the hotel lobby.

What goodies are in bag #5? New dark pink 13L Technic flex axles!

Small bag one.

Small bag two. Medium azure 2x2 tile corner is found in one other set.

Completing bag #5, we have a hearty juice bar module.

Going to bag #6. Dark pink 2x2x3 window shutters have only been used in four other sets.

Small one.

Small two.

Finishing bag #6, we have water slides, life guard chair, and changeroom/bathroom.

Finally, bag #7. The light bluish grey straight roller track is new. The lime coaster car was previously used in the Joker Manor.

Small one.

Small two.

Bag #7 done and we can cool off with the splash bucket tower.

Connect all the sections together and it looks pretty impressive.

Oh wait, we need the monorail to get around. Connecting up the tracks we have a direct line from the hotel rooms to the water play area.

These are the left over pieces from the build.

Let's check out some of the features by checking in at the hotel lobby. You get a real room key instead of a magnetic striped or RFID chipped card.

That was a long trip to get here. Let's have a quick bite. Table and chairs are at a good comfortable height.

A look at the restaurant kitchen. That's kind of risky to be frying without a shirt on.

Waiting for the monorail, aka people mover on rails. Just like that resort in Florida, USA with the mousy ears.

Riding the monorail. Seating capacity is one. Looks who's waiting for us at the water park. It's Olivia.

The Friends are having fun while Mason maintains watch.

Waiting in line for the change room/bathroom. Just like at any popular attraction it seems.

Spinning some tunes to dance.

Relaxing at the juice bar after a dance-a-thon.

Back at the hotel room to shower and sleep after a hard day of play. Good night, Andrea.

Be careful of your first step in the morning when leaving the 3rd floor room...

Overall, this is a big set with lots to do with your Friends. The build was straight forward, it didn't feel repetitious. I found the large triangular stickers a bit tricky to align perfectly. The set also has useful parts for other projects (MOCs).  Who wouldn't want to spend a some vacation days at Heartlake City Resort and ride the monorail?

About that circle of track, let's re-porpoise it.

Sheen got to ride the jet-ski after all.

Thanks for reading.

Note: Bricklink was used to check for new parts. At time of writing, neither Brickset nor Bricklink had inventoried this set.


Xyra Silverleaf said...

So many pieces! I seem to see a definite slide theme among the sets.

kuhander said...

Thanks for the review. Quite nice, but I'm not convinced by this set.

Anonymous said...

I was moderately excited about this set, but when I got it and built it, I was positively surprised! So much fun to build and SO much play value, I even found myself, 30 years old with no kids, playing with it a moment after I finished. I just had to "position" the mini dolls in all the possible scenarios... ;) I definitely recommend this set, it is huge in real life and I already want to tear it down so that I can build it again ^^

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