April 8, 2020

Building Challenge: Picnic in a Park

Building Challenge: Picnic in a Park

-Post your creation image with a neutral & clutter-free background in this Flickr thread by May 3
-Creations must be built with real LEGO bricks, no digital renders
-One image per creation, or collage with a few views of your park setting ...


April 7, 2020

Review: 41387 Olivia's Summer Heart Box and Zobo History

I *heart* Summer and so does Olivia -- Zobo's new head is still getting used to commands ... oops!
Let's see how this last summer heart box comes together for her.

Heart-shaped box front has the open heart box with real girls having a fun kitchen adventure framed in heart-shaped graphics. The inset shows that everything fits inside the box for transporting as a container.

Back of the box shows Olivia in the box with Zobo grilling (erm, burning) just outside. The "actual size" graphic uses a non-burnt hot dog. Then we have all 5 of the Friends 2019 Summer Heart Boxes.

March 22, 2020

Friends 2020 Summer sets

First image of two of the Summer 2020 sets: 41430 Summer Fun Water Park and 
41424 Jungle Rescue Base (re-issue of 41038).

February 23, 2020

Review: 30412 Park Picnic

A picnic in the park is just the Spring break Olivia needs!

Polybag shows her park picnic just outside HLC, perhaps near the lake.

February 20, 2020

January 28, 2020

Review: 30411 Chocolate Box and Flower

Just in time for Valentine's, Friends present a hearty box of chocolates and a lovely Lavender flower!

This polybag is the first for Friends in 2020 and with 75 pieces, it provides an enjoyable build -- plus enough parts and inspiration for rebuilding alternate models.
Carrying the dark purple 2020 corner graphics, HLC skyline, and BFF heart -- this bag matches Friends set boxes.

January 7, 2020

Review & ReBuild: 41431 Heartlake City Brick Box

Heartlake City Brick Box is a Lavender tub container with 2-in-1 model suggestions (with instructions) containing 321 parts. The cardboard wrap has the new dark purple corners and standard BFF heart inset. We see images of HLC as backdrop graphics.
I love that we finally get this! It should have been in the very first wave of sets in 2012.

It's just like any brick box (tub), such as 10696 Classic Medium Creative Brick Box in yellow, except in Lavender. The Classic tubs come with building "ideas" books too. So this tub is on par with those.

Tub back of cardboard label wrap shows the models you can build if you decide to use provided instructions. You can build one version of each of the three models of at the same time -- not both version as the packaging notes (at the bottom).
Or, you can just look through all the parts and build what you want.

Tub top: The embossed LEGO logo faces the same direction as bricks and plates.
I like the cardboard wrap graphics.

January 1, 2020

Review: 41404 Emma's Play Cube

Emma has packed her cube with a mini photo studio for travel to Paris!

Package front has the sparkly trans-purple half of the cube protruding from behind the cardboard cutout. Image of the open cube with Emma -- no surprise pet just yet -- shows her photography hobby. This is designated Series #1 of the Play Cubes.