April 21, 2020

Review: 41372 Stephanie's Gymnastics Show

Set 41372: Stephanie's Gymnastics Show
Pieces: 241
Year: 2019

Stephanie and Mia compete for gold in three gymnastics events. It may be a friendly show, but only one can stand at the top of the podium.

The box front is consistent with the current Friends styling - BBF heart insert in the top right corner, mini-doll cameos in the bottom right corner let us know who is included, and the bottom left corner insert highlights the trampoline action feature. The main box image shows the kit in a high school gymnasium scene with parents and friends cheering on our friends. 

The back of the box highlights all the fun story telling features. Each of the three gymnastic events can be swapped out to take center stage. 

The sides of the box are typical for the Friends line. The "scene slice" side of the box shows Stephanie and Mia performing together, while the other side is a mosaic of pieces from the set. The top of the box names both Mia and Stephanie and shows some of the smaller details pieces - like water bottles, ribbon, and gold medals. Stephanie is used for the 1:1 scale image. The bottom of the box shows both friends figures again and the LEGO Life logo. 

Inside the box, we have two parts bags, a 16 x 16 medium azure plate, an 8 x 16 tan plate, a sports net, two instruction booklets, and a sticker sheet. The sticker sheet was loose without any protection. I'm extremely happy that neither instruction booklet nor the sticker sheet were curled or bent in the box. 

Instruction booklet one will build through parts bag 1 and also uses the 8 x 16 tan plate, and a white sports net. I was excited to see the sports net/lattice as I didn't have one. It previously appeared in 41330 Stephanie's Soccer Practice (2018), also in white, and is only available in three other sets (none of them in white). 

Instruction booklet two will use parts bag two, the 16 x 16 medium azure plate, and all the stickers. Let's get into that first bag of parts and see what other goodies it holds.

Inside the first parts bag, we have the pieces for both mini-dolls without needing to open the inner bag. As you can see, I couldn't wait to build them before taking the parts photo. The yellow cloth ribbon is new to this set as are some of the mini-doll pieces (more on the mini-dolls in a bit). 

Other notable parts include 4 bright pink 4x4 round corner tiles, the flat silver minifigure hoop (in the inner parts bag), and the white modified 1 x 2 rounded plates with 2 open studs (also in the inner bag). None of these are new to this set, but they stand out as newer/rare pieces. The hoop only appears in 1 other Friends set - 41383 Olivia's Hamster Playground (also from 2019) and 3 non-friends sets. The bright pink 4x4 corner tiles first appeared in this color in 2018 with 10260 Downtown Diner, and only appears in two other 2019 Friends sets. The white modified 1 x 2 rounded plates aren't new or rare, but they are very useful and I don't have many of them in my collection yet, so I'm always happy to get a few more.

Let's take a closer look at those mini-dolls.

We get a completely new look for Stephanie as a gymnast. The torso is a new print and has a fun shimmer to it that is difficult to capture in a photo. The legs are also a new print with caprice length pants and sliver shoes. I'm always happy when pants have pockets, but I must admit it seems a little strange for gymnastics leggings (but it does make the piece more useful in other settings). The hair piece is not new, but it is a new look for Stephanie. This hair piece has not appeared in the Friends line before. 

Mia also sports a new look. She shares the same new leg piece as Stephanie. Her torso is new for 2019, but is not exclusive to this set. It is also used in 41363 Mia's Forest Adventure (2019). 

On to building the gymnastic events. 

First up is the floor routine, or more accurately the rhythmic gymnastics. This is a simple build on a turntable, which allows you move the mini-dolls around as they perform with either the ribbon or hoop.  

Next up is the trampoline. This has a fun launcher built underneath the net. It's a fun idea for a play feature, but I wasn't able to get much lift on the mini-doll, and Mia just fell over. When I showed it to my husband, he managed to launch Mia across the table. So don't be timid when bouncing your mini-dolls on the trampoline if you want to get some height with that launcher.

Finally, we have the uneven bars. The bars are made to spin, so you can attach the mini-doll by the hand and spin them around the bars. The downside of this is that it is difficult to create an action pose. The lack of rotating hands means the mini-dolls can't grab the bars face on, and the weight of the mini-doll will make them swing to the bottom. It took a bit of work to get this pose set up. 

And that brings us to the end of book one/bag one with a few spare parts. On to book/bag two and the sticker sheet...

The second instruction booklet will build bag 2, and also uses the 16 x 16 plate and the sticker sheet. There are two additional inner bags in bag 2. The only real standout part is the pearl gold Mini Doll Necklace Amulet, which is a new color for this set. It looks like the same necklace used in the Elves sets, just in a new color. It's nice that two necklaces come on the sprue so both Stephanie and Mia can get a medal, but I would love to see both a gold and a silver medal included. With just the gold necklace, everyone's a winner in this set!

Book/bag two builds the main stage and relies on the sticker sheet to convey many of the scene details. The score board is one giant sticker for the 6 x 5 panel, and a second sticker for the 2 x 4 tile above. The award podium and locker room are built as small wings to the side of the main stage, and also rely heavily on the stickers. The award podium has one large sticker on a 2 x 6 brick for 2nd and 3rd place, and a second sticker o a 2 x 2 brick for first place. The stickers for the lockers are very convincing and my favorite use of stickers in this set. The flag has a different sticker on each side. Inside the lockers are a banana and a chocolate bar. 

There are only two left over pieces from the second bag and the sprue from the medals. 

I personally don't find the main stage that exciting by itself. It comes to life when you start adding the event builds from the first bag. The builds can be swapped out as each one takes center stage, and I think this is a nice added play feature. 

Overall, it is a fun set. I didn't find anything surprising in the building techniques, which fits for a 6+ set, but it also wasn't boring or repetitive. I'm not a huge fan of applying stickers, but I feel that they really enhance the scene. This is definitely more of a play set than a display set. For me the play features aren't a big attraction, but they are probably fun for the intended market. I did enjoy building it. The parts will be useful additions to my collection, and new looks for the mini-dolls are always appreciated. 

Happy building!


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