January 29, 2013

Nürnberg Toy Fair

   LEGO Friends next wave of 2013 sets:
   In addition to the Dolphin Cruiser, more toy fair images have emerged of the Downtown Bakery, Emma's Sports Car, and Andrea's Bedroom:
photo courtesy of Joe Meno
     The Dolphin Cruiser is for cruising around the Heart-shaped Lake in Heartlake City and includes the first boy Mini-Doll seen riding along side on a new design jet ski.  The basic ship shape does harken back to The Belville Luxury Cruiser.  
   The windows to see below deck look interesting.  This set is considered to be one of the larger sets for the second wave of sets, due out usually mid-Summer. 

photo courtesy of Karsten Grosser - NOZ.de

Dolphin Cruiser with upper deck removed:

photo courtesy of Joe Meno

Arriving at the Airport for the Toy Fair, attendees are first greeted "Friendly" by LEGO.

photo by Joe Meno

photo by Francesco Fondi

  Spieletest's video during Nuremberg toy fair:


 --Reported by Maya and Susan