April 30, 2019

40360 LEGO Friends Name Sign Review

Friends fans have been spoiled with decor items for years, and this new-for-2019 90-piece LEGO® Friends 40360 Name Sign gets added to the array. Being customizable makes it even better for more LEGO Lifestyle!
The box front shows the options for personalizing the sign with stickers-on-tiles. Because it's a small box, there are no classic Friends flanges.

Back of the box has a back of the sign inset. Andrea does not come with this set; however the parts are in her signature colors. She's here to give you an idea of the box size.  When seeing it online, for some reason I thought it would be bigger.

Box contents: white 8x16 baseplate, 23-page instructions booklet, 3 identical sticker sheets, a small bag of parts and a bigger bag of parts.  Note: product description on LEGO shop site says 2 sticker sheets -- so I may have received an extra in my box.

Box top gives us our "actual" parts size ratio with Andrea's heart in flame yellowish orange of 2 coupling plates connected. Again, Andrea does not come with this set -- yet just helping us see the box size.
Okay, okay ... maybe I do love her racing outfit with the Teal sleeve; since we get some lovely Teal curvy tiles in this box, she is glad to help.

April 19, 2019

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