December 30, 2015

Build New Adventures in 2016

   The Adventure Camp Bridge polybag is the new year's first gift-with-purchase when you spend $35 on LEGO Friends, LEGO Elves, or Disney Princess sets at LEGO Brand Stores or online at LEGO Shop-at-Home starting January 16th through the 31st, while supplies last.
   This looks to be a fun addition to build with the rest of the Adventure Camp sets.  It could also go well in a Heartlake City park.  The bridge-building technique looks similar to the Friends Jungle sets from 2014.

December 1, 2015

2015 Friends Advent Calendar

2015 Friends Advent Calendar REVEAL!
at the
Winter Village in Heartlake City Square
Day 1: Andrea mini-doll in a festive sweater

Day 2: Ice Skates and a cozy seat near the frozen lake for putting
them on, plus a festive poinsettia flower

November 27, 2015

LEGO Friends magazine & mini-sets

If you live in Europe, you are likely to have come across the LEGO Friends magazine at your local newsstand. This magazine is produced under license from the LEGO Group by the German publisher called Blue Ocean Entertainment AG. They sell the German edition, but various publishers in Europe offer the magazine translated in their language. I have seen versions in German, English, French, Dutch, Italian and Polish.  

This monthly magazine first came out in late spring/early summer 2014 in Europe, and attached to every issue is an exclusive LEGO Friends mini-set. 

November 24, 2015

LEGO Friends 2016 Official Set Images!

The wait is over, fellow fans! The official images of the upcoming 2016 Friends sets are finally out!

41110 Birthday Party

41111 Party Train

41112 Party Cakes

41113 Party Gift Shop
Party Styling 41114 build
Party Styling 41114 - box 
41114 Party Styling

41115 Emma's Creative Workshop
Olivia's Exploration Car - 41116
41116 Olivia's Exploration Car

41118 Heartlake Supermarket
Heartlake Cupcake Cafe - 41119
41119 Heartlake Cupcake Cafe

41120 Adventure Camp Archery

41121 Adventure Camp Rafting

41122 Adventure Camp Treehouse

41117 Pop Star TV Studio

41135 Livi's Pop Star House

See additional images on our web site: January 2016 Friends sets

November 14, 2015

Girlz 4 Life - an original LEGO Friends movie

GIRLZ 4 LIFE - a LEGO Friends movie by M2 Entertainment and The LEGO Group
Synopsis: Our friends must devise and execute a plan—and fast—when popstar Livi’s manager steals the girls’ hit song: Girlz. As Livi gains more fame and recognition from the new hit single, the girls try to share the truth behind the song in hopes that Livi will do the right thing. As the friends set their plan into motion, they come to realize that fame doesn’t mean everything and friendship is the most precious thing in the world! Join Olivia, Stephanie, Emma, Mia and Andrea as they learn one of life’s most important lessons while having fun along the way.
Watch the trailer:

CGI animation by M2 Entertainment
The Blu-ray combo pack and DVD is due to release February 2016 by Warner Bros. Home Entertainment

November 7, 2015

Preview 2016 New Adventures sets!

A preview of the upcoming 2016 sets featuring camp adventures!

LEGO Friends 2016 preview

See all of them here!

November 3, 2015

Heartlake Grand Hotel modular conversion by Kristel

Kristel takes the beautiful Heartlake Grand Hotel and converts it into a different kind of modular.

41101 Heartlake Grand Hotel - Modular Conversion Review
This will now fit nicely in a row of Creator style LEGO modular buildings.

41101 Heartlake Grand Hotel - Modular Conversion Review
As with all building, trying out new ways to configure the bricks is what led her to first re-create it with the revolving door in the corner.  It looks fabulous, yet presented further challenges.  Read about her process and see the rest of the images of the hotel's transformation on her blog Modulars By Kristel.

October 16, 2015

Trick-or-Treat on a Heartlake City street ~ Fan creations!

It's not a trick -- check them out on our Creations blog!

Click the Jack-o-Lantern if you dare!

September 15, 2015

Halloween Building Challenge

Trick-or-Treat on a Heartlake City street!

Build a Halloween scene: 
Perhaps a costume party, or your Friends trick-or-treating at a neighborhood house, or a Haunted house (or maybe another Heartlake City establishment is haunted!) or some other fun activities.

The basic rules are: 
- Real LEGO bricks & elements 
- Original MOC never presented before 
- No Photoshop backgrounds 
- Post your creation's photographs by October 15
- Add one image to the topic thread on Flickr here > and up to 3 in the group photo pool
- And/or Friends Bricks Forum here >

 - Be spooky, yet still G-rated ;-)


See all the fan creations here!

September 13, 2015

Review: 41101 Heartlake Grand Hotel

The place to stay when visiting Heartlake City is the Heartlake Grand Hotel. Let’s take a closer look to see why!

The FriendsBricks community wishes to thank TLG’s CEE Team for generous support of this set to review and share with fans.

The front of the box shows the hotel located on the outskirts of Heartlake City. I noticed after that it was missing the flag at the top of the elevator section - no doubt to make it easier to fit onto the box.

The set box carries the familiar purple flanges on the sides and ribbon wave across the top, indicating that this set belong to the base theme and not a sub-theme. We also get to see the five mini-dolls that come with the set, including the new ones: Susan and Nate.

I was surprised how big and heavy this box was, and hadn’t appreciated the size of this set. It is big!

The back of the box shows us what we can expect to find in the box, highlighting the playing features and loads of accessories. The left hand shows the modular nature of the building, and some alternative combinations. 

I see that the flag has been reinstated at the top of the hotel for these shots.

August 11, 2015

LEGO Friends Music

Lego Friends

Possibly to coincide with the release of the Pop Star sets, most of the LEGO Friends songs from the mini-movie episodes have recently become available for download. Each song is $1.29, but if you get all the six songs, it's $5.99. Get your Livi and Andrea mini-dolls to sing these happy LEGO Friends songs!

July 9, 2015

Build Your Own Adventure!

A book with 77 bricks that inspires kids to build, play, and learn all about the fascinating world of LEGO® Friends.
LEGO Friends: Build Your Own Adventure combines fan built inspirational ideas for building with enthralling story starters. Get inspired to build with creative building ideas, then play out your own adventures using your own LEGO collection. The book comes with bricks to build one exclusive model that appears throughout the book.
See inside images of this August release with some super cute builds! >>

June 9, 2015

Review: 41105 Pop Star Show Stage

This is the fourth Pop Star set we will be showing you. By now we have met Livi and had a look at her glamorous life. Now we are ready to see her on stage! Accompanying her in the spotlight is the future pop star Andrea. Together the two lovely performers will mesmerize the crowd in Heartlake City.

The FriendsBricks community wishes to thank TLG’s CEE Team for generous support of this set to review and share with fans.

Box Art: Front

Box Art: Back