November 21, 2017

2018 January LEGO Friends sets

It's time to get excited about the next wave!
2018 January LEGO Friends sets:
LEGO Friends 41327 Mia’s Bedroom

 LEGO Friends 41328 Stephanie’s Bedroom
 LEGO Friends 41329 Olivia’s Deluxe Bedroom

 LEGO Friends 41330 Stephanie’s Soccer Practice

 LEGO Friends 41332 Emma’s Art Stand

 LEGO Friends 41333 Olivia’s Mission Vehicle

 LEGO Friends 41334 Andrea’s Park Performance

 LEGO Friends 41335 Mia’s Tree House

 LEGO Friends 41336 Emma’s Art CafĂ©

 LEGO Friends 41338 Stephanie’s Sports Arena

 LEGO Friends 41339 Mia’s Camper Van

 LEGO Friends 41340 Friendship House

November 1, 2017

Brick-built Storage Building Challenge

It could be a storage box, a keepsake box, a gift box, or other brick-built container of sorts.

Entry Guidelines:
- Heartlake City colors & themed
- No restrictions on shape
- No limit on size/number of bricks
- Must be Authentic LEGO bricks, no LDD
- New build, never before posted online or at an event
- No limit on number of entries
- Mini-dolls optional
- Collage pics allowed: to show angles and functions
- Add entry image onto topic thread on Flickr and/or Forum

Deadline: November 29, 2017

Here is an example built by Suz, who thought this would be a fun challenge for FriendsBricks:

We are celebrating the decorative container sets we've seen from LEGO Friends.

Beginning in 2013 with the Pencil Holder:
Also, an in-store-built mini Jewelry Box:
Then 2014 brought a full-size Jewelry Box set:
2015 flew in with a Butterfly Organizer:
Greeting 2017 is our favorite Hedgehog:
Then just for "keeps sake" we got a Mini-box (an inspiration for this building challenge):

   These sets are a fun departure from the usual Heartlake City environment and can bring some colorful utility into our daily lives.  We can't wait to see what you build!

October 17, 2017

LEGO Friends Super Pack 5-in-1

LEGO Friends Super Pack 5-in-1 box (66558) contains all the "Friendship" sets from January 2017 set wave and additional building instructions, plus a few extras.  It's a Target store exclusive.

September 27, 2017

Share ideas of a "Gift with Purchase" set

Do you enjoy "gift with purchase" sets?
Ideas for "Gift with Purchase" sets needed!!

The LEGO Community Engagement Team and Marketing Integration department are asking for adult fan communities to brainstorm concepts for future "gift with purchase" [GWP] sets (free items obtained with qualified purchase of a LEGO offer).

As an example:
*** For Friends fans, this Keepsake Box will be a GWP starting October 1st at S@H and LEGO Brand stores. ***

   Add YOUR idea of a GWP set that you'd like in a comment and our ideas will be collected and then put forth on the LEGO Ambassador Network.
    Even if your idea is already in a comment by someone else, add it -- because all collective ideas will be ranked to create a top 5 list.
    Here are the guidelines for considering a concept:

September 23, 2017

LEGO Friends at *the* LEGO House

LEGO Friends join other themes on the huge LEGO brick-built tree centerpiece in the new LEGO House!

For more information, visit LEGO House - Home of the Brick!

images courtesy of LEGO House and Miro

August 28, 2017

Review: 41325 Heartlake City Playground

Earlier this year, Sienna’s playground was announced as the winner of the LEGO Friends Designer contest. Let’s take a closer look as to why this was a well deserved win for Sienna.

This set was provided by The LEGO Group in recognition of our involvement in the judging for 
the LEGO Friends Designer competition.
Opinions provided here solely reflect those of our reviewer. 
Photographs are property of Friends Bricks and are not directed by TLG in any fashion.

The front of the box shows the components of the playground and the two mini-dolls - Sienna and Mia - featured in the set.

The set box came in a post satchel instead of the normal sturdy cardboard box, which explains why it looks a little like it was put through the dryer.  

The set box has the same features as the boxes from the main theme, but with confetti on the flanges. It also highlights that Sienna is the winner of the LEGO Designer Contest

The back of the box shows the back of the treehouse and highlights the numerous play features packed into this set. 

The side of the box gives us the usual warnings and indicates the size of the pieces by giving us a 1:1 image of Sienna. 

One of the short sides reminds us that Sienna was the winner of the contest in a number of languages. Imagine how excited Sienna must be with her name on the set box and a mini-doll named after her!

August 18, 2017

Review: 41315 Heartlake Surf Shop

Surf’s up! Let’s head on over to Heartlake City’s newest outlet for aquatic adventure…

This set was provided by the Operations & Community Engagement of The LEGO Group for the purpose of sharing set details with fans. Opinions provided here solely reflect those of our reviewer. Photographs are property of Friends Bricks and are not directed by TLG in any fashion.

2017’s mid-year releases have included a number of beach-themed sets. Emma and Andrea are partying by the shore [41316] while Stephanie and Olivia are sailing a catamaran [41317]. This leaves Mia on her own at the Heartlake Surf Shop. So, what is she up to? The lack of a second figure leads me to wonder if she may be working here, managing rentals and sales. But, perhaps she’s just stopping in for necessities, doing honor-system shopping by leaving her “100” bill on the counter. It’s all up to our imagination… 

I received this set fresh from Denmark, in European packaging. Your box might look slightly different if you shop somewhere else, like North America. The ribbon branding along the top is of the standard type, so we know this is not a special sub-theme. The front scene, with shiny buildings in the background, tells us that we are on the shore in Heartlake City. We also get a glimpse of Andrea’s new speedboat, on the road. Twice on the box (front and side) we are told that the “Kayak does not float.” It surely does not, with holes in its bottom! 

Two views of the surf shop are shown here: a large exterior shot and a smaller inside view. What caught my attention immediately was the large wave atop the roof. This special signage is fun and reminds me of some whimsical original creations I’ve seen from young people in the official LEGO galleries. It’s classically “Friends” and makes the set memorable. The main scene foreground highlights a new animal friend and sporty Mia looks ready for outdoor activity.

At this point, I feel obligated to mention the LEGO Town Surf Shack [6595] of 1993. It really can’t compare here in any way, but I did love it for showing me how to build a cool hang glider (alternate model on box). 

Scenes on the box back show Mia presumably doing self-checkout at the store, waxing a board, showering, surfing, and taking pictures. Diagrams illustrate mini-doll construction and indicate that this is a 2-bag build.

August 14, 2017

Heartlake City Playground - LEGO Designer Contest Winner!

The beginning of this year celebrated LEGO Friends 5th Birthday and LEGO hosted a Friends Design Contest.  The winning entry is Sienna's Playground (41325) a Heartlake City Playground, built by Sienna!
  To be released September 1, 2017 ~ list $39.99

She even gets herself made into a Mini-Doll!

Here is her bio: Sienna age 8 from the UK.

  • sport: gymnastics, rock climbing
  • hobbies: LEGO® bricks, art, music, piano
  • after-school activity: ballet, Brownies (the Girl Guides – not the cakes!)
  • food: chocolate
  • color: turquoise
  • LEGO Friend: Mia
Five fun facts
  1. Sienna found ideas for the Heartlake City Playground from the playground near her house and other fun playgrounds and parks she has been to.
  2. Heartlake City Playground has Sienna’s absolute favorite playground activity: a climbing wall! And another favorite: monkey bars!
  3. Sienna’s brother brought a teddy bear everywhere when the family came to the LEGO headquarters in Billund. It was his school class teddy bear and it ended up as a model sticker!
  4. Sienna’s mini-doll character has a brown pet dog named Pippa. It’s named after her grandmother’s new pet that she got for her birthday!
  5. Sienna is always busy with school, after-school clubs, and spending time with her friends and family. To find time to build the playground, she used every minute of spare time she could find. She even shut herself in her bedroom for a full Saturday to build the playground and only came out for lunch and dinner! 
Along with the LEGO Friends Design Team, Friends Bricks' own Kristel served as one of four Judges from the LEGO community.  Here is her interview for Heartlake Times on being a part of this contest: