February 6, 2022

Review: 41689 Magical Ferris Wheel and Slide

Step right up to the Candy stand for a sweet treat before disappearing down the tall Slide ride! Then, take a spin in a Magician's Hat on the Magical Funfair Ferris Wheel.

River wears a Ringmaster's Tuxedo of purple, gold and black with gold chain epaulets. His gold bow tie is above several ornamental chains -- with what seems to be turquoise stones. Gold boots add to the flair.
The printed detail continues to his back with a gold trimmed pleat. His hair piece is his regular tight coiled style hard plastic in dark brown. He gets a coin and phone to get busy!

Stephanie has a harlequin style outfit with magenta and shimmery blue diamond patterns, which echoes her white face paint. Magenta pants and teal sneakers are sensible for her juggling performances. Her cool yellow hair piece in a crown bun is hard plastic.
She gets bowling ball pins for her juggling act.

First we get to build an enticing Candy stand! The gumball pile on the roof is fun and clever -- plus, it makes no mistake about what is offered! Getting five different colored voodoo balls is nice. The black and white candy cane is certainly a fun take on the traditional holiday item. I wonder if it tastes like licorice?
The top Lollipop has a swirly reflective sticker which will also catch the eye of funfair attendees. Basically, eye-candy! The counter itself offers a peppermint lollipop, and is built upon a rare magenta 1/2 circle 4x8 plate which is in only 2 other sets.

River is opening the Candy booth with their best seller -- a Peppermint Lollipop! Yum!
I like the Willy Wonka vibe.

Everything we build from bag 1 parts includes the Magical Funfair map sign showing the other attractions, and nice spares.

Mia has her usual smile with her regular hair style and the same gold mesh and purple jester motif top as in 41688. The back of her top is printed too. She pairs it with a 2-layered jagged angle skirt of dark purple and teal. Her diamond motif leggings match the gold diamonds on her skirt.
She gets to wear the purple Magician's hat! She could have used it in her Magic Tricks set 41001.

Building the base of the Slide upon an 8x16 magenta plate, which is only in this set -- we install the "trick" exit with a mirror sticker on a white window panel in the corner door frame. It mirrors the cool yellow and lavender striped slope -- as if it's the end of the slide. The white tiled exit arrow is a lie!

The actual slide exit is in the back of the module. There is a poster of a family enjoying the funfair.
The glow white voodoo balls and 1x1 round bricks are rare; also rare are the cool yellow arch bow and teal 1x6 brick with bow.
Bag 2 spares include a gold star.

Here is the front of the finished Magical Slide. The cool yellow slide pieces are unique to this set.
The dark lilac 2x4x4 roof (castle spire) is rare in only 3 other sets.

Now that you've seen the entire module: once again, the "Magic trick" is that a rider will slide out the back -- as if disappearing. Even though it looks like the slider will go under the white cloud at the end of the visible slide, the mirror shows a false striped sloped section.
If riders have a friend waiting at the marked exit, they can be surprised by the rider sneaking around the stairs side. Like magic!

The ladder has a cool yellow star as a stepping-up platform. The round tiles are inserted inside a clear brick panel to add color. I've always liked this technique -- so fun!
The voodoo balls "light" the top of the stairs and the arched exit. Also lighting the false illusion exit are stacks of white glow-in-the-dark 1x1 round bricks between the black. They are also rare.

The back of the Slide ride and spares.

Beginning to build the Ferris Wheel, we start with Spring yellowish green 6x6 plates with bow that are rare in only 2 other sets, including 41685.
These next steps use quite a bit of Technic parts. The tan 2x6 smooth tile is rare in only 3 other sets.

The dark purple lattice 1x6x10 A-mast stanchion part is still rare since 2019 and only in 2 other Friends sets.  The red short axle pieces connecting the masts to the base assembly provide excellent support for the wheel to rotate without fear of tipping.
The Teal 2x4 smooth tiles on each side get a lovely swirly magic sticker with nice art nouveau at the top.

Then we build and attach the rider carriage arms with bright "lights" of colored transparent tiles upon white glow-in-the-dark 1x1 plates.
More Technic parts used to attach the knobs and to build the center black section for connecting the decorative arms.

Both rider carriage arms are connected on either side of the core fly wheel assembly. Swirly reflective stickers go on the turning knobs. Nice spares of small, easy-to-lose parts from bag 4.

The Magician's Hat rider carriages use new, newly re-colored and rare parts in medium Lavender for the Magical Funfair theme.
They are very fun to build! I love the entire concept. Mia gets to test one before it goes UP in the air!

With the carriages installed between two 1x2 grey rounded plates via the stud end of a Technic pin, I was surprised at how sturdy the connection keeps them. I gave it a whirl and it went smoothly and fast!
It's a good thing there are foothold tiles inside.

Constructing the decorating arms that also provide balance and heft for the whole turning assembly use a rare black inverted plate (inset image of parts) with pin that allows the cool yellow stars to rotate freely as the ride turns. We get one spare Teal heart from bag 5.
Overall, this is very sturdy. You can turn the knob without holding the base, since it's wide, there's enough stability for revolutions. Even with added weight of the decoration arms -- it still rotates smoothly.

Box front: With the rest of Magical Funfair behind it, the very colorful Candy booth, Slide, and Ferris Wheel looks inviting!
The upper right corner BFF "magical" heart motif with the core 5 Friends is the last; in 2022 they are removed. Usually a set aspect or more scenes are used by that area.
Mia with a Jester's hat is great for this set -- as it's what her outfit hints to.

Contents: 5 parts bags, 3 instructions booklets, 2 sticker sheets (wrapped with booklets), and a loose 8x16 magenta base plate.

With 3 separate instructions booklets, this set can be built together with a friend or family member.

Since my box was a bit crushed in shipping -- here is a graphic image of the upper right corner BFF heart inset. It's for the entire Magical Funfair sub-theme with all the girls in their lovely Funfair outfits with face paint. Mia wears a Jester's hat :-) That would be fun as a real piece!

The Magical Funfair map sign shows other attractions.
The sticker on the left is pure Mirror, I had to get it at an angle or else it just showed my camera or my ceiling. The right sticker sheet is the foil shimmery, color-changing type. They are very lovely and add to the set's appeal.

Box back: Shows all the play and scenes to create after building this funfair set.
I've highlighted many new, recolored and rare parts -- for a list of all parts on last pages in instructions booklet #1, visit LEGO's site.

The Ferris Wheel spins very well. It could be motorized fairly easily by removing the turn knob and then connecting the cross axle into a Powered Up motor. You can see how to do that in the video of 41337 at the end of the Underwater Loop review. That would be fun for a display.


The blend of multiple bright colors with black and white gives this set -- and all of the Magical Funfair sets -- an eclectic charm.

The Candy stand is one of the best kiosks in the Friends line-up. It could also go with any LEGO theme in a fairground layout. The mini-doll outfits and prints are just wonderful, as is the entire Magical Funfair sub-theme!

Although I was puzzled by the "magic trick" of the Slide initially -- after building it, I realize how fun this would be at a real-life funfair. Perhaps that's where the designer got the idea.

The Ferris Wheel is a succinct design and execution of parts. Lots of Technic parts in the construction can teach new and seasoned builders. The box suggests age 7+ for build skill; however, this should be age 7 who has built several LEGO sets before. It might be frustrating for a first-time builder in that age bracket.

The symmetry and weight of the Magician Hat carriages provide enough inertia to rotate them, while keeping the ride balanced. This is a nice configuration rather than side-facing seats that are asymmetrical. It would be great for any amusement park display of any other LEGO theme.

This set was provided by The LEGO Group for the purpose of sharing set details with fans.
Opinions provided here solely reflect those of our reviewer.
Photographs are property of FriendsBricks and are not directed by TLG in any fashion.


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