Construction Reports

LEGO Friends fans building at the KidsExpo in France

LEGO Discovery Center - Michigan USA

LEGO Kidsfest Austin, Texas, USA - photo by Blazerman

 LEGO Friends building zone by photosneg

 LEGO Friends display area at Legoland Billund, Denmark
photo by moriatus

Kid Expo - 2012

Jakarta, Indonesia airport - photo by smagdali

Official LEGO Friends building zone set-up used at LEGO Kidsfest events.

LEGO Kidsfest Friends building zones

LEGO Kidsfest building zone providing bricks found in Friends sets 
to free-build anything an imagination can create!

Three LEGO Friends fans & builders wearing their LEGO Friends shirts at LEGO Kidsfest, 
Raleigh, NC (USA) 2014
A fun building event!

World's Largest LEGO brick built Lemonade Stand -- built by 4,000 fans in Philadelphia, USA in 2012

Girls from the inspirational organization Girls on the Run building Friend sets - photo by Flashpoint PR

Girls learning building techniques from an older girl builder in Madrid, Spain, 
at the Children & Family Leisure Fair



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I soooooooooo love all the actual LEGO Friends setups!

Anonymous said...

i would love to live in that thrid pic because it just so cool and beautiful

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