January 30, 2014

2014 sets images from German Toy Fair

Jungle is the setting for LEGO Friends in the second wave of sets for 2014.  In addition to new animals and some fun action scenes with rescues, there's an open-air shopping mall.  The photo-booth we've seen in various TV show episodes is finally going to be built in bricks.

 Left you can see part of Jungle Bridge Rescue #41036, then in front of that is the Jungle Falls Rescue #41033.  The larger set with slide is Jungle Rescue Base #41038.  The set in front is  First Aid Jungle Bike #41032.  In back you can see boxes of Heartlake Shopping Mall #41058.

 Close-up of Jungle Rescue Base #41038 via spieletest.at

 Advent Calendar, Heartlake Shopping Mall, Jungle Bridge Rescue (the one with the helicopter)

 Heartlake Shopping Mall #41048 (Photo booth seen in videos on left)

Summer Caravan #41034

 Check back for more images as they become available.  This is the first series of sets based outside Heartlake City.  The new Jungle scenario looks to provide lots of adventure for Friends!

via neoape and Fedro

January 26, 2014

Sunshine Harvest Review

Sunshine Harvest Review
by tonistokes529

Welcome to the Sunshine Harvest. Take a ride on the tractor or buy some jam at the fruit
stand. You can buy some flowers or pick some fruit in the garden. Let's take a closer look
at LEGO Friends set: Sunshine Harvest.

The FriendsBricks community wishes to thank TLG's CEE Team for generous support of
this set to review and share with fans.

January 17, 2014

Birthday Party Polybag Review

LEGO Friends Andrea's Birthday Party
 Set # 30107 Released January 2013 - 39 pieces
by tonistokes529
I think I am very a little obsessed with polybags, and I don't know why.
Their size appeals to me I guess. This is the last of the recent polybags
I had to pick up and it does not disappoint!

Here is the actual polybag. Let's open it up and see what's inside.

January 9, 2014

More Friends polybags for 2014

   Polybags are a fun way to get a small build (usually 30-40 bricks) and a Mini-Doll in a different model setting.  Some polybags are free-with-purchase during specific merchandise campaigns, and sometimes they are sold in specific global markets.  Fans always hope they will be able to buy them in their city!
Stephanie's Bakery Stand polybag
Stephanie's Bakery Stand #30113

LEGO Friends Flower Stand polybag #30112
Flower Stand #30112

LEGO Friends Andrea's Beach Lounge polybag #30114
Andrea's Beach Lounge #30114

To see all Friends polybags since 2012, visit: http://friendsbricks.com/FriendsPolybags.html

January 2, 2014

Time~Warp #2 Building Challenge

Time~Warp #2 Building Challenge by FriendsBricks

To kick-off the new year and celebrate LEGO Friends 2nd Birthday, we're hosting Time~Warp #2 Building Challenge.
Same basic rules as the first Time~Warp:
- New MOC, never before posted
- Real LEGO Friends bricks
- Mini-Dolls encouraged
- No photoshopped backgrounds
- Fits the Heartlake City genre
This time no bricks limit!

So, imagine you travel to your 10-year-old self ... design a LEGO Friends set you would have wanted to build & play!

Post 3 of your best pics in the entry thread here on Flickr, and/or here on the Friends Bricks Forum.

Your time-warping building trip ends January 31, 2014.


The creations built for this challenge!