January 9, 2014

More Friends polybags for 2014

   Polybags are a fun way to get a small build (usually 30-40 bricks) and a Mini-Doll in a different model setting.  Some polybags are free-with-purchase during specific merchandise campaigns, and sometimes they are sold in specific global markets.  Fans always hope they will be able to buy them in their city!
Stephanie's Bakery Stand polybag
Stephanie's Bakery Stand #30113

LEGO Friends Flower Stand polybag #30112
Flower Stand #30112

LEGO Friends Andrea's Beach Lounge polybag #30114
Andrea's Beach Lounge #30114

To see all Friends polybags since 2012, visit: http://friendsbricks.com/FriendsPolybags.html

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