March 30, 2021

Review: 41446 Heartlake City Vet Clinic

A busy day for Dr. Donna at the Heartlake City Vet Clinic by the Lake!

Meet new Friend - Savannah, who along with her guide dog Goldie, offers training for service and support animals. Having grown up on a ranch outside HLC, she loves horseback riding. Mia is helping her train Bella, as other animal friends pay attention.

March 26, 2021

Review: 41444 Heartlake City Organic Cafe

Join Mia and her friends as you munch your lunch or slurp a rainbow of flavors outside Heartlake City’s healthy cafĂ©!

It is so great to see age and gender diversity in Heartlake City! New figures open up new possibilities for role play and I’m pleased to add these to our set of characters. 

The second thing I noticed was the fresh color palette—perfect for the subject matter of fruity drinks and freshly-grown foods. This yellow-orange color is one of my favs from LEGO and it looks great here with hot pink and lime green. It even inspired me to freshen up my backdrop color to match.

Looking at the box front, I can see that our guest characters are named Marcel and Ava. I get the impression they may be a grandfather and granddaughter. They join Mia outside a one-story open-backed eatery. Mia has a pedal-powered vending cart from which she can make fresh juice drinks and she’s holding one out to them. They appear to be in a hedged outdoor location such as Heartlake City Park.

March 16, 2021

Review: 41443 Olivia's Electric Car

"Road trip!" Olivia and Mia, with their puppy pal, are out adventuring. They pause in their travels to power up with a snack, a stretch, and a car battery recharge.

Here’s a cute set that I expect will be especially popular with families who have (or wish they had) an electric vehicle at home. "Goodbye, Octan!" At first I thought the idea of such a car-charging station was a bit fanciful, but a little research revealed that, indeed, these hybrid solar/wind facilities have been built for years. You can even order a kit to set up your own off-grid power point. So cool! And it feels appropriate that STEM-loving Olivia would make use of this technology for her Earth-friendly EV.

My N. American box was dense and smallish—a perfect size for a Spring holiday gift. It sports the standard Friends branding (no sub-theme). Looking at the pictures, I see we will have: a rolling car, spinning windmill, park setting, an animal figure, and TWO (yay!) minidolls. This set seems a great deal for the suggested price of $15 USD. I wonder if minidolls are getting less expensive to manufacture. There seem to be quite a few dual-figured sets lately in the $10 – $20 range.

March 4, 2021

41924 DOTS Secret Holder - Review and Rebuild

Can you keep a secret? This kitty can. With endless ways to personalize your design, this fun box will keep your small secrets safe.