June 13, 2020

Review: 41430 Summer Fun Water Park

It's a Water Park paradise! So much to do here ... water, water everywhere! Who will splash last?

Box front of this large box: Water from the dumping coral shell is falling onto Olivia! Lots of water-shooters, sliding fun going on here!
The Lifeguard stand and small ice cream truck frame the water park, which appears beyond downtown HLC -- perhaps neat Heart Lake.

Box back shows a slight angle of the park's other side and insets of what the mini-dolls can do there. Mason stays busy as Lifeguard and ice cream truck vendor, yet also finds time for fun too!

June 5, 2020

Review: 41429 Heartlake City Airplane

Stephanie and Olivia are ready to fly the Friendly skies for this Summer's "Vacay with Friends" Adventure!
Are they soon off into the Sunset of the Jungle or on the Beach?!

Box front shows this new airplane on a runway just outside HLC and the hangar's look similar to previous in Heartlake City Airplane Tour.
With standard BFF Heart and flanges, this set has 3 mini-dolls -- including new Ashley - the Pilot. The lower left inset shows some in-flight options.

Box back shows the airplane's main sections come apart for access. It even has overhead luggage compartments. Yet, before boarding -- airport screening is mandatory!

June 1, 2020

Review: 41422 Panda Jungle Tree House

Set: 41422 Panda Jungle Tree House
Year: 2020
Pieces: 265

Caring for curious baby pandas is a lot of work, but Mia and Olivia are up to the task!

The box front sets the scene for the Panda Jungle Tree House in a forest clearing with a mountain fed stream. The BFF heart insert is consistent with the the other sets in this sub theme, as is the National Geographic Explorers logo on the bottom left. The character insets on the lower right show that Olivia and Mia are included in this set. 

The back of the box shows the pandas enjoying their tree house home and has several insets calling out scenes for imaginative play. Mia is featured on this set in graphical form with a sloth. It's a cute illustration but seems like an odd choice since the sloth is not included in this set. All five friends are illustrated in their jungle rescue clothing on the bottom left corner. Doodles and emojis are scattered throughout the box design.