August 31, 2014

Building Challenge: ~Jungle~

Building Challenge: ~Jungle~

- Using your LEGO Friends bricks, build a creation in the Jungle theme

- Your creation must be new, never-before posted online or at an event

- Approximate size of a 16x16 baseplate

- No photoshopped backgrounds

- Give your creation a fun name

- Add your single favourite image to this thread on Flickr and 3 images of your MOC in the LEGO Friends group pool -- and/or -- one image on Friends Bricks Forum thread, plus you can create its own thread in the MOC section on the Forum, adding up to 5 images

~ Don't monkey around too long ... you need to share it by September 30th 
See the Creations built for this Challenge! 

August 28, 2014

2015 Set Names Revealed!

This is the time of year when we start finding out about the upcoming sets for the next year! I have been wondering what kind of LEGO Friends sets we will see for 2015, making some speculation on Friends Bricks Forum. So, at last, here they are; the names of the sets have been circulating since this morning. Apparently, the original source is the website of a toy store in Switzerland, and someone in New Zealand also shared the English version of the set names. No photos are available yet. >> See Friends Photos here!

41085 Animal Care Clinic
41086 Mobile Pet Care
41087 Rabbit Mother With Babies
41088 Puppy Training
41089 Foal Care Stable
41090 Olivia's Garden Pool
41091 Mia's Sports Car
41092 Stephanie's Pizzeria
41093 Heartlake Hair Salon
41094 Heartlake Lighthouse
41095 Emma's Family Home
41097 Heartlake Balloon 
I'm not sure whether the three sets featuring animals in the above list are supposed to be more of animal packs, or part of the animal care sub-theme that goes with the new Animal Care Clinic...

Although it is not part of the Friends world, many of the readers here may be interested to know that the Disney Princess line will come back with new characters in 2015.

41060 Aurora's Bedroom
41061 Jasmine's Exotic Adventure
41062 Elsa's Glittering Ice Palace
41063 Ariel's Underwater Castle

In addition to these existing themes, apparently we will be welcoming a brand new theme featuring mini-dolls. The characters may be fairies or some type of fantasy creatures that will probably appeal to many girls.

41071 Aria's Creative Workshop
41072 Naida's Spa Secret
41073 Naida's Adventure Ship
41074 Azari & the Magic Bakery
41075 Treetop Hideaway
41076 Farran & the Crystal Hollow
These all sound quite interesting. Let's hope we get to see the images soon! 

Update: new theme is LEGO Elves >> See Elves images here!