June 16, 2019

Review: 41379 Heartlake City Restaurant

An evening out for Pizza or Spaghetti at this new Italian dining spot is just what Emma needs tonight! Ethan has secured a table on the upper Patio. Let's see what chef has on the menu and enjoy this lovely architecture.

This Friendly neighborhood restaurant, designed by Wes Talbott - formerly of the LEGO Elves team, has been placed just a few miles from downtown Heartlake City -- as we can see its skyscrapers in the distance. Having designed so many of the whimsical Elves sets, it's a pleasant surprise to see such a realistic creation from Wes.
This is a very wide box, with the now standard doodle graphics on the flanges and the "teamwork" heart motif with the 5 Friends.

Box back let's us see inside the kitchen and a few cameo insert images of features and activities.
Thumb-push tabs seem to be more common on large boxes now; they used to be only on small ones. My box was smashed a bit coming to the USA from the EU; it can't stand on its own, so I've had to photograph it lying flat -- which isn't ideal, since it's as big as Mia's House box.