April 29, 2020

Review: 41381 Rescue Mission Boat

Grab your personal flotation equipment. We are going on a watery adventure.

The box is big. It measures 18.5 x 14.75 x 3.5 inches. The front has the BFF heart overlaying a lifebuoy in the waves showing this is part of the rescue series. We see this set comes with Mia, Olivia, and Andrea on the bottom right corner. The lower left insert shows the part of the rescue boat's interior and deck. The main image shows a narwhal rescue in progress with HeartLake City in the background.

April 28, 2020

Review: 41405 Andrea's Shopping Play Cube

From Party Hat to Aquarium, Andrea's Pet Store has a lot for such a small cube! Will the birdhouse get a pet, or another animal to grace the magenta counter?

Box front shows Andrea ready for a customer, or just having made a sale -- and has her first "5" coin. The box side panel shows how the new color for Series #2 of satin pink cube protrudes out the front -- secured by 2 top studs. The animal collage shows the random colors each cube may contain.
All the shopping cubes are arranged in a heart shape for us to see on the back.

Box contents: Cube in the new satin trans-dark pink color paired with Andrea's flame yellowish orange, and stuff inside; instructions pamphlet, largest of the 2 parts bags, and sticker sheet.

April 26, 2020

Review: 41406 Stephanie's Shopping Play Cube

Beauty Shop displays need to grab a customer's attention. After setting out bows and perfumes, Stephanie is offering Lipstick samples. Her winning smile will be hard to resist!

Box front shows Stephanie in front of her beauty shop as part of Series #2 of Friends play cubes. The side panel shows a collage of all animals and colors possible in these cubes; this series new cube front color is easy to see as it protrudes out the front -- held in place by 2 studs. The back shows all the Shopping Cubes arranged in a heart shape.

Box contents: Cube in Stephanie's signature color of Azure blue and the new satin pink; instructions pamphlet; largest parts bag; and sticker sheet.

April 25, 2020

Review: 41407 Olivia's Shopping Play Cube

Making just the right liquid chocolate viscosity takes science -- so Olivia knows her Candy Store will hit the sweet spot for any shopping trip!

The box front shows Olivia offering a sample from her Chocolate Fountain (yum!) in front of other candy selections. We see on the side panel all the possible surprise colors and other animals for all the 5 cubes this wave. The cube protrudes out the front, secured by 2 top studs; and on the back is a heart-shaped collage of all the shopping cubes.

Box contents: A pink Cube all around for Olivia, with stuff inside; instructions pamphlet, small large parts bag, and sticker sheet -- which is in great shape due to tight fit into the teardrop-shaped box. All items are tucked in above the cube.

April 24, 2020

Review: 41408 Mia's Shopping Play Cube

Movie Theaters are a great way to take a break while shopping -- so Mia is wise with her idea!

Box shows Mia waiting for customers -- of course the surprise animal is absent, since we may get 1 of 4 colors. This teardrop shaped box allows the cube to protrude out the front; secured by 2 top studs. Series #2 cube covers are satin trans-dark pink. Side panel shows a collage of the various animals in the 4 randomized colors; only 1 animal per cube. The back of the box shows all 5 Shopping Cubes.

Box contents: Cube in satin trans-dark pink and bright yellowish green (I have to say my favorite outfit as a young girl had this color combo :-) closed with its own contents, building instructions pamphlet, largest bag of parts, and sticker sheet. These fit nice and tight into the cavity of the box, above the cube itself, so they don't get much shifting like in traditional boxes. So, the stickers arrive in good shape.

April 23, 2020

Review: 41409 Emma's Shopping Play Cube

A Toy Store is the set-up for Emma's new Series #2 Cube with a satin pink front. Planes, Trains & Teddy Bears, oh my! What else can we find stuffed into this cute travel container?

Just like Series #1 the box's teardrop shape allows the cube to protrude out the front, secured by 2 top studs. The box front let's us know there's a "surprise" animal by the empty studs near the cash register. Since the appearance of one out of four colors is random, the image leaves it out. The side panel shows us all the new animals with four possible colors. Each of the 5 core Friends gets their own "Shopping" Cube with unique type of store or shop.

Box contents: Cube closed with contents; Sticker sheet; instructions sheet; and largest non-numbered parts bag.

April 21, 2020

Review: 41372 Stephanie's Gymnastics Show

Set 41372: Stephanie's Gymnastics Show
Pieces: 241
Year: 2019

Stephanie and Mia compete for gold in three gymnastics events. It may be a friendly show, but only one can stand at the top of the podium.

The box front is consistent with the current Friends styling - BBF heart insert in the top right corner, mini-doll cameos in the bottom right corner let us know who is included, and the bottom left corner insert highlights the trampoline action feature. The main box image shows the kit in a high school gymnasium scene with parents and friends cheering on our friends. 

The back of the box highlights all the fun story telling features. Each of the three gymnastic events can be swapped out to take center stage. 

April 13, 2020

Review: 41385 Emma's Summer Heart Box

Searching for gems in the azure blue sea inside her Heart Box, Emma is up against a crabby collector!

The heart-shaped box front shows two real-life Friends fans ready for a swimming adventure. Notice the Lavender Seahorse? Rumor is we're getting one this next wave of 2020.

Box back uses the yellow crab as the "actual size" demo for pieces in this set. All 5 of the summer heart boxes from 2019 are along the bottom. All contain Aqua and Vibrant Coral as the correlating colors -- paired with each of their own color combos.

April 8, 2020

Building Challenge: Picnic in a Park

Building Challenge: Picnic in a Park

-Post your creation image with a neutral & clutter-free background in this Flickr thread by May 3
-Creations must be built with real LEGO bricks, no digital renders
-One image per creation, or collage with a few views of your park setting ...


April 7, 2020

Review: 41387 Olivia's Summer Heart Box and Zobo History

I *heart* Summer and so does Olivia -- Zobo's new head is still getting used to commands ... oops!
Let's see how this last summer heart box comes together for her.

Heart-shaped box front has the open heart box with real girls having a fun kitchen adventure framed in heart-shaped graphics. The inset shows that everything fits inside the box for transporting as a container.

Back of the box shows Olivia in the box with Zobo grilling (erm, burning) just outside. The "actual size" graphic uses a non-burnt hot dog. Then we have all 5 of the Friends 2019 Summer Heart Boxes.