November 24, 2014

New video series: LEGO® Building with Friends

The LEGO Group's channel has begun a new series called LEGO® Building with Friends featuring two builders: Brooke and Berkeley -- watch as they unbox a world of creativity!

We have created a Playlist on the Friends Bricks channel with the other building videos in this series for you to follow.
It's great seeing the various building steps and hearing special tidbits about the Friends theme!

November 20, 2014

FriendsBricks members asked to take AFOL survey

From the LEGO Group CEE Team:
Dear AFOL community,
To learn more about the adult LEGO fan community, we distribute a survey 2 times a year. The surveys help us understand what you and your fellow AFOLs are engaged in, what you think of your LEGO hobby, and how you perceive the LEGO brand. Survey results guide our team at the LEGO Group as we work to better support the fan community.  As such, the surveys help us decide where to spend our time and money.
Link to 4Q 2014 Survey

The survey takes about 10 minutes to complete. The survey ends December 17, 2014

Thank You!
~Susan (LegoMyMamma)

November 11, 2014

DK books to come out with minidoll & bricks in 2015!

DK has published several LEGO Friends books since 2012, and it appears that three new books will be added to our LEGO Friends library in spring and summer 2015!

Here are the titles:
  • - LEGO Friends Ultimate Factivity Collection
  • - LEGO Friends: The Adventure Guide 
  • - LEGO Friends: Build Your Own Adventure 
LEGO Friends Ultimate Factivity Collection is a 96-page activity book with stickers.

What I'm actually more interested in are the other two books, as they will come with real LEGO elements!

The Adventure Guide is supposed to feature "a minidoll with exclusive accessories." I guess it will probably be a minidoll that we have seen before (as it does not say "an exclusive minidoll"), but at least we will get some exclusive accessories. I wonder what they might be... :)

The other book, Build Your Own Adventure, also sounds quite interesting: "(it) combines fan built inspirational ideas for building with enthralling story starters. Get inspired to build with creative building ideas, then play out your own adventure using your own LEGO collection. The book comes with bricks to build one exclusive model that appears throughout the book." I'm really looking forward to the model even if it's a very small one!
______________________ ~ Books!

November 6, 2014

LEGO Friends Nina helps launch all new LEGO Club HQ

LEGO Friends online Club mascot, Nina, is helping launch the all new version of LEGO Club HQ online.  They are now hosting the Special Edition LEGO Club inserts which are contained in the mailed magazines (when subscription indicates girl) online in digital format -- available for viewing and downloading.
Here is a graphic of the new launch, with Max and Nina!
Here is the 'virtual' printing press for the magazines -- how cool is that?
   We've added direct links to the most recent special editions of LEGO Friends under the Cover images of each issue on our Friends in Girls Club Magazines page -- along with previous issues hosted by TLG's contractor.  There are lots of fun activities and creation ideas, as well as craft ideas to accompany with your LEGO Friends building hobby.  Some for decorating (like LEGO fans love to do!) and some for expanding the building experience through digital mediums, events, real life activities inspired by LEGO Friends theme sets and places!
   There are instructions for fun builds on the LEGO Club pages as well.