December 18, 2020

Review: 41448 Heartlake City Movie Theater

The new Movie Theater is a nice complement to the shops and restaurants in Heartlake City. It has a retro-classic Cinema style and clever building function to watch actual movies.

It's opening night for "A HLC Story" with new character Amelia and she's ready to give Andrea her autograph.

Let's go inside!

December 15, 2020

Review: 41449 Andrea's Family House


Welcome to Andrea's Family House!  This lively 2-story traditional home in a Heartlake City suburb is a modular style of build.  It has plenty of built-in features and fun techniques.  The beautiful new curvy floor-to-ceiling bay windows of the kitchen continue up to the sitting room upstairs. An arched center displays a star and house number 28.
Since music is Andrea's passion -- which runs in the family -- there is room in the garage for jam sessions.

Let's take a look inside: Pepper is perched above a photo, while checking on Mom in the Sitting Room upstairs.  Her little Sister is reading in their room, while her Dad decides on drum sticks or laundry ...
Stephanie is getting ready for lunch at the swing-out counter, just as Andrea munches a sandwich!

This house consists of three separate modules we build, then attach to make a whole house.

December 1, 2020

Friends Advent Calendar 2020

 Day 1 - Emma in royal blue pajamas with sleeping moon print, Lavender boots & azure hairbrush.