December 18, 2020

Review: 41448 Heartlake City Movie Theater

The new Movie Theater is a nice complement to the shops and restaurants in Heartlake City. It has a retro-classic Cinema style and clever building function to watch actual movies.

It's opening night for "A HLC Story" with new character Amelia and she's ready to give Andrea her autograph.

Let's go inside!

First we build the seats from bag 1 parts, then add them to the theater room. With 5 in total, they each have arm rests, head rests, and cup "clip" holders.
The movie screen has old fashioned red curtains and can swivel -- yet held at the best viewing spot by 2 technic pins. The speakers can also swivel.

We add the slushie drinks with straws using the clear posing pieces -- so clever!

We start bag 2 with parts for the left module and attach it via hinge bricks.

Module for tickets and concession stand are built onto it, finishing bag 2.

Bag 3 parts built the right module for the movie Star photo-op spot, with a restroom hidden behind the "Friends" poster.

You can see the sink and Aqua toilet here, before adding more ...

Inside the restroom, a mirror is added to the panel and the door opens in the back.

The right-side module is done and added to the building, along with the roof plates.

Bag 4 parts begin with building the movie projector with working gears --just turn the red Technic piece to rotate the reels!

We attach it to the upper floor/roof area and adjust its angle so it projects straight onto the screen.

Then we build the front facade signs with the marquee as separate sections to attach to the front.

All parts from bag 4 added to finish the new theater. The Cinema sign is classic Hollywood style and the curvy Aqua is perfect. I like the sideways use of the newly-aqua-colored 1x4x1-1/3 brick for the center.

Complete with red carpet -- the curvy start complements and mirrors the Aqua center. The 2 red quarter round tiles were accidentally overlooked while building; only when counting spares did I realize ... there's no way we'd get 3. It's these very details that make Friends builds special. So, you can compare images with and without those 2 small parts to see how much impact they have on the build.

Mini-dolls for the set are: 

- Julian as the ticket booth and concession stand worker -- as well as the projector operator. He has hard plastic hair, silver rimmed glasses and dark red double-breasted classic theater uniform.

Although there has been a character in mini-doll for named Julian in the Yogurt Shop, they look quite different.

- Amelia -- the movie star -- is new in mini-doll form and character. She also has hard plastic hair. Her Teal long gown has gold details at the high-waist and thick layered necklace. Very retro and beautiful.
She has the same skin-tone as Olivia.

- Andrea is wearing a new magenta strapless dress with a gold-trimmed bow knot bodice, and navy trimmed hem.

Mini-doll back sides.

Newly re-colored parts:

New in Aqua is the curvy 1x4x1-1/3 brick, and Wall element 4x4x6 round/curvy.
New in Lavender are 6x10, and 3x3 1/4 circle plates.

Also newly released in Lavender are 6x12 and 4x6 plates; plus 2x6 plate.

The 6x6 heart plate is new in navy (earth blue), otherwise it already came in flame yellowish orange, dark pink, and new dark red.
The 3x3 heart plate in Red isn't new, yet is to Friends; it currently also comes in dark pink and bright green.

Inside this curvy classic theater, we see Andrea getting to enjoy the movie sitting next to the Star!
When the side modules are fully rotated, the restroom door and concession stand are easily accessed.

The slushie dispenser is another clever use of parts.

For watching movies or videos as the "screen" the Technic beams provide a support stand.

Since Julian is also the projector technician, he takes the seat behind it after starting the reels.

Sticker sheet; the gold lettering and silver mirror have a muted sheen to them.

Parts page; this set also has approximately 24 spare parts of the small 1x1 variety.

Box front shows the theater's location is Downtown HLC. For 2021, it seems the box flanges -- which gave it a curvy shape, and showcased graphics of the sub-themes -- are gone.  The previous-years' scene slice side now has the set's mini-dolls and elements; with other sides showing more of the same.
The upper right BFF heart is still there for 2021 -- yet it seems in reverse order.

Box back has CG images of the 3 mini-dolls, and various scenes; plus that the projector's reels can turn.
Box contents: 4 numbered bags of parts, 4 Lavender 8x16 plates, instructions book, and stickers (loose); in bag 1 is an orange brick separator.

One more look at HLC's new movie theater!


This visually stunning theater set will go great alongside the many HLC shops and restaurants. Although we had an outdoor drive-in theater in the Drifting Diner, it's great to get a proper cinema with seats. Mia's Cube was also nice for that small of a build, and fans really liked it -- so I'm sure they will like this set too. The added functions will surely delight the target audience -- yet even AFOLs can gain building skills for interactive ideas and creating modules for MOCs.

Also, for learning facade and signage techniques, I would recommend this set to any builder. Any LEGO town layout can benefit from such a succinct and classic theater.

This set was provided by The LEGO Group for the purpose of sharing set details with fans.
Opinions provided here solely reflect those of our reviewer.
Photographs are property of Friends Bricks and are not directed by TLG in any fashion.



kuhander said...

Thanks for the review. Diidn't see this one coming ... Very nice, very clever. Really the feeling of a cinema without too many pieces.

SuzEaton said...

Wow, this is so much cooler than I had realized from the box. Thanks for the review!

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