June 2, 2018

Review: 41349 Drifting Diner

Get your bricks on Route 66!
Drive-In for a movie and a burger at Dottie's new spot. Keep your motor running
for a speed racer's getaway to the finish!

This set was provided by the AFOL Engagement of The LEGO Group for the purpose of sharing set details with fans.
Opinions provided here solely reflect those of our reviewer.
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Box front: The modern diner's profile against Heartlake City's skyline at sunset dominates, while representing the Summer 2018 Racing sub-theme -- the 5 Friends in their color-coordinated slick racer's outfits are huddled together in the top right corner's Heart motif -- which has Andrea with the Trophy! The back and white checkered flag behind the Heart really completes the racing look.

The classic Friends curvy flanged sections are decked out with lots of racing symbols drawn onto purple -- also making a distinction that this set belongs to the "Go-Kart Racing" sub-theme.
Box back: Bottom left shows the graphic versions of the main 5 Friends in their racing uniforms and Emma appears with the Trophy. Mia has a walkie-talkie that the same design as the brick-build version from the Friendship Box (41346).

Lots of activity here -- Andrea's Go-Kart Launcher demo; inside the diner with Dottie cooking eggs; insert of the booth that's designed like a race car; Andrea's music speakers engine with Pepper perched; Dottie making an ice cream float; Dottie giving Andrea her pen at the take-out window; and the upper right graphic of Andrea is awesome as she secures her racing glove!

Box top: Race graphics complete with burned-rubber tire tracks, Andrea and Pepper snacking buttered Popcorn -- then the center features new character Dottie with wrap-around black and white checkered flag graphic with lots of fun elements scattered. Andrea's mini-doll in racing uniform finishes the right side for size ratio.

Box side with LEGO Life info, set mini-dolls, and Pepper on a racing checkered flag backdrop

Box side with scene slice: Great snippet of the set -- making it easy to see when it's on a shelf. This is such a good use of box space and I always check to see what they captured.

Box contents: Instructions book, 3 parts bags, 16x16 tan baseplate, and sticker sheet.

Bag 1 contents: 2 small inner bags hold a few new for 2018 pieces, such as the new flowers, and the new Pen Marker in Andrea's colors of flame yellowish orange and medium reddish violet (magenta).

-The Wall Element 1X2X3 (window without side edges) in Transparent medium reddish violet was previously in only one set: Lena Luthor Kryptomite Factory (41238) DC Super Hero Girls 2017.
Yet it is in 3 Friends sets of this wave.

-New helmet with front face chin guard in flame yellowish orange for Andrea -- and hair-piece attached on the back.

-Dottie's face, hairpiece (in grey) and torso are new; as well as Andrea's outfit.
Per the instructions, we build Dottie first -- which is a change, since we nearly always
build the "main 5" Friend first.
Then we build Andrea, and the table with popcorn and soda.
Andrea's helmet has her hair in a ponytail attached -- this is a "special" dual mold because it has two types of plastic in one piece -- the yellow helmet is regular hard ABS LEGO brick plastic,
and the ponytail is the rubbery plastic that's normal for Friends hair.

Her new pen is in the popcorn box; and Pepper is eager for a snack.

Dottie is a new character for 2018 and her grey hair is the same hair piece as
Ghostbuster Jillian Holtzmann's was in light yellow
from the Ecto-1 & 2 set (75828) released in 2016.
Her red glasses, cherry-motif blouse with pearl necklace, black (leather!) jacket-vest
trimmed in silver, with blue jeans and roller skates sure give her
a 50's vibe -- just like the diner's architecture.
I love her half-smile expression! For me, this hair piece in light grey really shows off the details!
Andrea for 2018, as we now know, has brown eyes, darker lips, and soft dreadlocks.
Her racing outfit is awesome!
I love that teal has migrated into her personal color palette.
I'm not sure at this point in my review of the exact color that mustard yellow is ... other than a 'version' of her flame yellow color.  I like it.
The details of racing symbol's wheel burning rubber juxtaposed her signature flying music note make this one of my favorite torso prints; her silver boots with quick straps complete this modern,
yet classic look.

There is no printing on the back of her torso, just solid teal; I love the look of her hair from this side.
Andrea's racing flame yellowish orange helmet finishes the look.
You can see that her helmet has pulled-back hair attached (as do all the racing helmets
for all Friends this wave).
It looks like her dreads have been combed-out or softened a bit in the ponytail.

Next we build Andrea's Go-Kart: complete with sound speaker engine! Her color duo really pops on this car with lit-up sides and top of the amplifier.
The magenta stars are new for Friends in this color -- yet an old element of Friends --
borrowed by Batman in this color for his party ;-)

Her signature winged music note looks super as a go-kart decal.
She's ready to roll with that huge sound system engine --
surely she will "blast" away her competitors!

Next we build the clever Drive-In Movie Theater's screen stand -- which doubles as a phone stand,
so we can actually watch videos!
The 6x8 ramp in medium stone grey makes a great screen.
Love the huge buttered popcorn bucket on top!
Here's Dottie announcing the next feature: Heartlake City Go-Kart Races!

Everything Bag 1 parts build!

Bag 2 contents:

Rare: Roof Tile 1X2X3/74° Inverted in Aqua, as they have only been in one other set: 41309 Andrea's Musical Duet.

-Teal 2x4 tile is only in LEGO Ideas 21313 Ship in a Bottle. We also get Teal (dark turquoise) 1x2 and 1x1 plates in the smaller bag.
Teal was an old color brought back just this year in Creator's Downtown Diner.

-The flame yellowish orange car front hood (2x4 wheel arch With horizontal nobs)
has only appeared in a
Cars 3 set: Thunder Hollow Crazy 8 Race (10744), specifically Miss Fritter's Bus hood :-)

Everything bag 2 parts build -- exterior diner front view. The take-out window has a cute burger-on-wheels sign, and the menu is held in a magenta wall-pocket.
The front corner window sign portrays this 50s-themed diner in Heartlake City perfectly.
It also reminds me a bit of Flo's from Cars.

Everything bag 2 parts build -- inside view. The milkshake machine is cute and handy near the take-out window. The inverted silver 1x1 nose cone is held in place by a clear inkwell piece, and looks just like the large metal glasses diners use.
The huge burger and fries adorn the table of the adorable Car-shaped booth!
Great homage to Disney Cars! So fun!
Bag 3 contents:

New for 2018:
-Teal 2x2 curvy tile (in smaller bag) and Teal 1x2 tile

-Egg print 1x1 round tile

-Aqua 2x2 macaroni brick (only in one other set: Emma's Art Stand 41332)

-Another 2x4 flat tile in Teal (in only LEGO Ideas Ship in a Bottle 31213)
After adding lots of parts to the roofline with overhang and brick-built sign,
we build the counter and cooktop.
I really enjoy building sections or furniture like this separately, instead building
straight onto the baseplate.
With these sunny-side-up-egg printed 1x1 round tiles (New print for 2018!), this was especially fun to build. It represents a
real-life diner's stainless steel counter by using the grey 2X8 plate with gliding groove.
Of course the mustard and ketchup bottles with clear inkwell tops look great. The trans-brown round tiles for salt and pepper
shakers also give the diner that extra real-life simulation.
Here is the diner finished. The cooktop looks great and ready for Dottie!
The "Cars" booth is still making me smile.
The flags have stickers showing yummy selections from the menu and can tilt -- just like racing flags.
That Teal tile got a menu sticker for inside view.
When I first saw the box images, I didn't really understand the white coupler plates on each side of the burger. After building it and adding the Teal curvy tiles, I think it represents a plate. Diners often have white china plates with a color border-line pattern. Teal is a great choice for this!

Viewing the door side of the diner, you can get the best 50s vibe -- with its tiled entry threshold, black and white checkered tile facade,
the blend of colors -- both cool and vibrant, plus the modern angles.
The huge burger sign is fun to build. There's no doubt what this eating spot serves! The Heartlake racing flags are a winning touch.
This is one of the first sets I didn't mind applying stickers (yes, even over that scrumptious
Teal tile -- ha!).
Last to get built is the Go-Kart Launcher. I'm showing this part of the instructions to
remind to use the correct side of the Technic pin (short-side into the angled beam in this step) -- otherwise the unit won't fit together.
It's quite compact and has sturdy friction.

Everything bag 3 parts finishes off. The Launcher is ready and adorned with Andrea's racing logo.
I like the way the trans pink 1x2 plates look as if they are neon lighting on the wall at the take-out.
The completed set build.

Andrea is watching the race footage on the drive-in movie theater screen, while Pepper waits for some popcorn.

Watching the race video made Andrea hungry -- so Dottie brings her a chocolate milkshake
(with whipped cream)
to go with her burger and fries. That "Car" booth is still so much fun!
Pepper is waiting by Andrea's Go-Kart Launcher.
The counter stools seat pattern is retro-modern -- just like all the other sticker designs.
Dottie shows Andrea how she cooks eggs on the griddle. Although the set did not come with any cooking or eating utensils -- I brought out the red spatula from
the Summer Caravan set 41034 (2014).
The counter-height stools are good height for mini-dolls, with an extra 1x1 plate for swiveling.

I love that the counter itself looks like stainless steel counters of real-life Diners!
Andrea gets some fries to-go at the take-out window before heading out to Launch ...

"Go Team Andrea!" Are you on her team? I am!
She uses her Launcher to get into the Big Race!
Spare parts (yay!) from all 3 bags -- with most from bag 2, yet an extra egg tile in bag 3 counts a lot!

Stickers are an important flavor of this set. I'm getting more used to them. The Designers have come up with really nice graphics
and with this set being somewhat "niche" in theme, printed tiles just aren't cost effective.

Here's an image from the instruction book of all the Go-Kart racing sub-theme sets for 2018.

Another page in the book has Heartlake City Resort featured. Lots of activity there!

"and then there were three ..."


Warning! Building this set will make you hungry!! :-)

Drive-in theaters always have some type of food kiosk or small restaurant -- so this is spot-on and very nostalgic for those who remember. I'm not sure about other countries, yet in the USA there are quite a few Drive-Ins still around. It's a labor of love for the owners to keep them open -- having to compete against all the new media and devices of this age.

The Friends theme is known for its fun and detailed eating places -- well, this diner keeps that tradition alive. While it seems they have shifted to a 2-sided, more open concept -- it's probably more playable. For this build it works so we can see the car-shaped booth better; it would be less effective stuck in a corner against a wall.

The build of the diner is enjoyable and straight-forward. Getting a chance to build a Go-Kart, and Launcher with Technic bits, adds more fun than a typical cafe model. The addition of the Drive-In doubling as a phone stand gives this set a solid finish in the clever and fun category.
The parts are refreshing and have already inspired loads of creation ideas for me!

Brickset was used to verify parts new for 2018


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I got this set last week it's so much fun

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