April 11, 2018

Review: 41332 Emma's Art Stand

Art in the Park! Emma is setting up her stand to *create* artwork surrounded by nature and her cat Chico!
This set was provided by the AFOL Engagement of The LEGO Group for the purpose of sharing set details with fans.
Opinions provided here solely reflect those of our reviewer.
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Box front: Positioned near Heart Lake, Emma's Art Stand looks lovely in this natural setting, with Heartlake City skyscrapers in the distance.
I love that wooden and metal-railing foot bridge!
The purple flanges showcase the new 2018 graphics, which appear to be Emma's artsy doodles.

Box back: It's good that LEGO has begun adding the box back images to their product pages; we get to see Emma setting up her Art Stand.
Poor Emma ... her face get covered by that ugly "not for sale" sticker on her own set :-(

Box top: Features a cute scene of Chico & Emma looking at a map; Emma up-close; and her artwork of all 5 main Friends in front of the Friendship House.

Side panel: A slice of Emma's life. Makes it easy to see which set is which when boxes are stacked on a shelf sideways;
previous years there was a small framed image of the set in the box.
The opposite side panel is a Mini-doll feature and a LEGO Life promo.

Box contents: Instructions booklet (which was folded in half in the box, so I tried to straighten it out), two medium-size bags (which I deflated and folded in half for photography purposes), and a sticker sheet.

Bag 1 parts: New for 2018 are the 2x2 with Inside and Out Bows (curve, 'aka' macaroni brick) in medium Lilac (dark purple), Medium Lavender 2X2 Tile with Bow (curve) and the Round Plate (although seems like tile) with 1 Knob in Medium Lavender [both inside the inner bag].
Emma's torso is a new print for 2018.
The medium azure helmet with hair is in only one other set - Snow Resort Off-Roader.
The 4x8 Bright Yellowish Green (Lime) plate appeared previously only in Andrea's Musical Duet.   Chico the cat first appeared in Emma's Photo Studio.
I've noticed that so far in 2018, none of the sets I've opened have any Mini-doll torso parts in a separate perforated plastic bag.
New 5-petal flowers and Leaf with plate piece are new for 2018, and in most all Friends sets.

Chico watches as Emma gets ready to put the back tire on her lovely Aqua scooter!
I am very happy to get the round white "Hub for fork" ("fork" being the part of the scooter that this snaps into) piece because I like to use them as architectural accents.

Emma 2018: New eye color of brown (was green), slight change of eye position and angle, and an open smile.
Her new top in aqua has ruffles and, what appears to be, a Kitty motif handkerchief in her pocket.
The medium Lavender layered skirt and white socks with purple slip-on shoes are new for 2018.

Her scooter is ready -- and so is Chico! We're instructed to remove Emma's hairpiece just before this point, and replace it with the medium Azure helmet with visor.

Next we build the small landscaped area for Emma to place her easel and stool. The easel has more parts than really needed, such as a brown cheese brick and round 2x2 "slide shoe" piece on the back; perhaps it's meant to be a tree stump being "used as" an easel.
The drawing she made with the new pen marker is of all 5 main Friends in front of the Friendship House. I removed only a slice of the sticker backing, so that I can easily remove it from the white plate for future use. The die cut of the sticker actually omits the nice purple outline of her artwork, and part of Emma herself; which you can see as an insert of it in the bottom right corner of this photograph.
I would like to say, that while I'm not a huge fan of stickers, the artists at LEGO do make superb graphics on all the stickers! A sticker is meant to go on the Aqua round tile as a cushion ...

Then we begin building the Stand (van, trailer type of wheeled, non-motorized structure); the bearings are the 1-pin variety, so we can re-use them with different width vehicles. The cross placement of plates insures a stable floor board.

Everything bag 1 builds: Stand's base, Landscape with easel, and Emma with her scooter and pet.

Bag 2 parts: New Aqua 2X2 brick with Inside and Out Bows (curves/macaroni), 4X4 plate with Vertical Holder (clips) in Bright Purple (bright pink), 2X4X2/3 Plate With Bow (slopey cheese) in Medium Lilac (dark purple), and in the inner bag - Medium Lilac (dark purple) 2X2 tile with Bow (curve). Plus new "I <3 HLC" mug and pink 7-petal flower.

I removed the medium Lavender 1x8 just to show how the white 2X2X2/3 Plates with 2 Horizontal Knobs provide
reinforcement for a sturdy side of the stand and counter top.

All the fun elements get added onto the stand's counter. Emma sells bows, maps and mugs too!
The medium stone grey ice cream cone piece (1x1 cone, inverted with shaft) is where we place Emma's helmet for safe keeping. This is an original Friends element, yet used widely across the LEGO array -- mostly in Tan.
This appears to be the first time used in Friends in the grey color; mostly this color has been used in NinjaGO and Star Wars.

The instructions tell us to add the dark purple tiles while the large hinged side slightly open -- I would recommend not. It's a fairly heavy section, the hinge is only 1-plate thickness -- and I nearly tipped the whole thing over in doing so ... Close it first is my advice.

Here is the core stand before we add the display doors, tires or roof. The aqua and white 'striped' corners with clips are several pieces connected. There is more building going on here than it appears from the box images.

The Stand is now complete. The hub caps and small wheels fit quite compactly under the arch pieces. The roof section is solid, reinforced, and easy to remove -- due to those lovely flat tiles!
I couldn't resist applying Emma's sign sticker to that 2x4 Azure tile -- it's just too perfect for this set! I like that the sign can rotate too.
In person, the bright pink plates used in reverse as the exterior work well visually when you've added the Flower handles. I wasn't so sure when I first saw the set images. Yet, in order for her to have open display doors with studs for attaching artwork, this is how it needs to be; trying to reverse-engineer attached plates so that both present studs would be too bulky.

The stand with large windowed side panel and display doors open. Here's where I say, yes, I did not apply the "artwork" stickers, mainly because I will be doing a ReBuild with parts from this set soon. So, let's pretend these are *blank canvases* for her to draw on while at the park.
The roof section with sign that can rotate is a fun build in itself.

Here's a view inside the Stand with the large side open -- you can see a spot for Chico near on a cushion near a treat -- plus the area Emma will stand while inside helping customers at the display door side.

A view through the windows and the white handle to open the Stand from this side.

Here are the display panel doors, with the Artwork side open. The sticker sheet shows the stool "cushion" (top right), her sale price sticker is below that, and the rest of her Artwork.
I really enjoyed adding the medium Lavender cheese pieces that extend the counter.

Extra pieces: An extra Aqua/Purple pen/marker (which comes in only 3 sets so far in 2018), plus typical small pieces that can get lost easily.

Another look at the completed set build. 
Are you getting used to the tube-sides of those pink plates yet?

The Stand attached to the Scooter. I don't know the max pull weight of the horsepower the Scooter's engine can tolerate ... however, I don't think I'd try to pull it behind me. The Stand is quite weighty.
At least Emma should wear her helmet when she does pull it -- and only drive on side roads.

Emma is packing up her Stand for the day, while Chico gets a treat!
Here you can see the back of the easel. Let's hope her lovely Aqua Scooter can pull this Stand. I'm still concerned about the size/weight differential ... yet the Scooter does "look" good next to the Stand -- plus, highlights the yummy Aqua macaroni bricks!


The stand has more cross-connections and details than I expected. Of course I am very happy with the new Aqua macaroni bricks (and plan to feature them in my next ReBuild), plus the new medium Lavender and dark Lilac curvy tiles are icing on the cake!
Stickers are more practical for price-point; apparently to justify a printed tile, it has to be needed in a certain amount of sets to meet a production threshold. The stickers in this set are nice, and the whole subject is "artwork" and I get that.

For a fan who wants to build this as an addition to Heartlake City, or any LEGO City, it's nice to have a stand that isn't a typical style. This could so easily be converted into a Food Truck, or even a Glamping trailer! Also, the parts here are a nice variety, yet enough of the same types to be useful in a ReBuild.
See it as a Combo ReBuild with Emma's Art Café

All information based on Brickset's embed of LEGO's 41332 inventory page.


Animalland9 said...

I think it looks like an overall great set! The pink door/shutter things annoy me a bit. I'm thinking of starting up a blog: got any tips?

Animalland9 said...

Oh, by the way, you can't get to the 'sports centre' on the set review page. I really enjoy your blog!

Melody Silverleaf said...

Thank you for another great review. I looked at this set in the store and didn't get it. I am putting it on my wish list now. I like this Emma mini doll, very cute and the peeking cat in her blouse pocket...adorable!

Anonymous said...

Ich kann allen dieses set nur empfehlen ich habe es und es ist sehr geschickt zum spielen da man das dach abnehmen kann und die"tür" öffnen kann.
man hat sehr viel spaß mit diesem set!!!

Unknown said...

i have this set : D

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