December 31, 2013

LEGO Friends Jewelry Box set #40114

LEGO Friends Jewelry Box #40114

Build it!

LEGO Friends Jewelry Box #40114 inside view

Then open with hinges and use peg hangers for your stuff!

Set #40114 contains 201 bricks.  Great for a desk or room decor!

December 27, 2013

LEGO Friends Series 5 Animals

   New for 2014 Series 5 Animal packs for LEGO Friends are Macaw's Fountain, Oranguntan's Banana Tree, and Brown Bear's River.  All contain bricks to build the animal habitats and alternate builds.  Fans can build their own way and combine with other animal packs, or any LEGO Friends sets for creative play.

Macaw's Fountain #41044

Oranguntan's Banana Tree #41045

Brown Bear's River #41046

See more at FriendsBricks

LEGO Friends 2013 Advent Calendar - Review

LEGO Friends 2013 Advent Calendar - Review
by Toni

Set # 41016
213 pieces
Released 2013

I thought it would be nice to share the Advent Calendar experience with those who
didn't get the set.

Box front

Box back

I'm a little bummed that the back of the box shows which days has what is inside.  It
should be a surprise!

December 17, 2013

Dolphin Cruiser Review

Dolphin Cruiser - Review 
by tonistokes529

Set # 41015
612 pieces
Ages 7-12
Released 2013

Box front

Box back

I initially only wanted this set for the dolphins.  I am so glad I got it because there are so many details that really make this set shine.

December 10, 2013

Heartlake High - Review

Heartlake High - Review
by tonistokes529

Set # 41005
487 pieces
Released 2013

Box front

Box back

Grab your books and let's go to Heartlake High!

December 2, 2013

Downtown Bakery Review

Downtown Bakery Review 
by tonistokes529

Set # 41006
253 pieces
Released 2013

Box front

Box back

The Downtown Bakery is full of sweet treats.  Be careful not to get a tummy ache.

November 27, 2013

Vote "LEGO Friends Heartlake High" girls Toy Of The Year 2014

LEGO Friends Heartlake High set is a finalist for a TOTY (Toy Of The Year) 2014 award presented by the Toy Industry Association.

Vote Heartlake High TOTY14
(screencap is link to Toy Association site)

Select the Category of Girls Toys, then cast your vote for a great building toy!

November 25, 2013

Olivia's Beach Buggy Review

Olivia's Beach Buggy Review
by tonistokes529

Set # 41010
94 pieces
Released 2013

Front of box

Back of box

Look at this set!  For a small set it has some really cool little builds.  Hang ten, Olivia!
Let's go to the beach.

November 1, 2013

FriendsBricks November Building Challenge

FriendsBricks November Building Challenge by FriendsBricks
 Car, boat, helicopter ... maybe a jetpack is all you need! Show us how you like to go from 
Point A to Point B the Friendly way.

Build your own Heartlake City vehicle -- perhaps a technical marvel that can go from city streets to Clear Spring Mountain terrain, or a stylish automobile to cruise by the Cafe & around the Lake. How it's powered is up to you: petrol, solar, wind, steam, or maybe human. Let your imagination 
take you (and possibly passengers) for a ride!

Post entry MOCs here and/or here.

Keep your motors running until November 30th.

Creations built for this challenge!

October's Building Challenge Creations

October 11, 2013

2014 LEGO Friends sets

2014 LEGO Friends sets: 

Heartlake News Van (41056)
Heartlake News Van (41056)

Heartlake Horse Show (41057)
Heartlake Horse Show (41057)

Stephanie's Beach House (41037)

Sunshine Ranch (41039)

Sunshine Harvest (41026)

Heartlake Juice Bar (41035)

Mia's Lemonade Stand (41027)





Emma's Lifeguard Stand (41028)




Stephanie's New Born Lamb (41029)







September 30, 2013

A LEGO Friends Promo Necklace in Hungary

Susan (aka Lego My Mamma) told me today about an interesting LEGO Friends necklace she had come across via a Hungarian tweet on Twitter (

It's a LEGO Friends cat necklace that neither of us knew about, so it made me very curious. I started to look for some information on this item, which turned out to be not so easy when you don't speak Hungarian! But after figuring out "nyaklánc" means "necklace", I found a few other Hungarian online stores that offer this promo item: when you buy 2000 Hungarian Forint worth of LEGO Friends products, you'll get this necklace for free! According to one of the ads I found (, the promotion started on August 12th and is ending today.

I also found this item on a Hungarian auction site. The necklace comes in an official LEGO plastic bag, but it only says "Ages 6+" and "Children's Jewelry" and there's no item number written on it.

I hope some of you in Hungary have had a chance to get one! Let's hope this cute necklace will also be available in other countries soon.

FriendsBricks Building Challenge: Halloween Harvest

FriendsBricks Building Challenge: Halloween Harvest

Carve out your October creativity with an Autumn theme!

Create a Friend-ly Halloween activity vignette or Harvest scene with your Friends bricks. Add your favorite image of it to the Entry thread on Flickr and 3 images into the photo pool and/or add 1 to the entry thread on our Forum, plus its own topic in the MOC's board.

You have until Twilight on October 31st ...

We'll leave the porch light on :-)
Results from this building challenge:

September 29, 2013