February 25, 2018

"Design with Heart" comments from LEGO Friends Designers

LEGO Friends Designers comments on 2018 sets ~ presented with a "Design with Heart" theme.

February 20, 2018

5 *new* LEGO Friends Pods!

Each of the 5 main characters get their own pod in 2018 -- due on Shop@Home in March!

Aim for the stars with Olivia!
Open Olivia’s Satellite Pod and show off your scientific side. This portable pod contains an Olivia mini-doll figure, her pet robot Zobo, buildable satellite equipment and assorted accessory elements to inspire exciting LEGO® Friends adventures wherever you go.

Get the party started with Andrea!
Prepare for your next exciting gig with Andrea’s DJ Pod. This portable pod contains an Andrea mini-doll figure, a pet bird figure, buildable DJ equipment and assorted disco accessory elements to inspire lots of LEGO® Friends fun wherever you go.

 Set up photo sessions with Emma!
Open up a world of creativity with Emma’s Photo Studio Pod. This portable pod contains an Emma mini-doll figure, a pet cat figure, buildable photo studio equipment and assorted accessory elements to inspire endless LEGO® Friends fun wherever you go.

Explore the natural world with Mia!
Take Mia’s Exploration Pod with you wherever you go. This portable pod contains a Mia mini-doll figure, a pet bunny figure, buildable nature exploration equipment and assorted accessory elements to inspire endless LEGO® Friends role-play adventures.

Go swimming with Stephanie!
Make a splash wherever you go with Stephanie’s Pool Pod. This portable pod contains a Stephanie mini-doll figure, a pet dog figure, buildable pool/swimming equipment and assorted accessory elements to inspire lots of LEGO® Friends role-play fun.

All pods front graphics show both the group of 5 Friends and, by way of a lenticular design, each of the individual characters too!  Lenticular brick creations have been popular at fan events for years, so this is a great way to showcase that 3D aspect of LEGO bricks.
Although no cheese bricks were used here :-)
The LEGO Friends Clubhouse Pod was available earlier, apparently only in select markets, namely Germany.  It is packaged in a polybag, rather than a blister pack like the rest of the individual pods.
In the background of this image, there's another sneak peek glimpse of one of the new districts in Heartlake City for 2018!

February 14, 2018

Review: 41340 Friendship House

The magic of Friendship can turn an old fire station into a Friendship House!

This set was provided by The LEGO Group; Review opinions presented here have not been influenced in any fashion.

Box front - Lovely new Heartlake City background buildings apparently in a new 'district' of the city.

Box back - Shows lots of activity in this newly acquired clubhouse.
This is the first year that images of the box back have been placed onto LEGO's shop site.

Box top - New graphics for 2018 along with new versions of most of the mini-dolls.

February 5, 2018

Friends Mini-doll versions

Friends Mini-dolls 2012-to-2017 and 2018-to-?
Let's decide how we (the FriendsBricks community) want to refer to
Friends Mini-doll character versions from 2012-to-2017 and 2018-to-?:
~ Original and 2.0
~ Legacy and ReBoot
~ Retro and Modern
~    ...    ?
Or, other suggestions?  Post your comment here on
Heartlake Times, or Twitter, or Facebook, or Forum

February 2, 2018

Build your own Flower Building Challenge

Try your hand at bricking a traditional bloom, or imagine a new variety!

-> Use real, authentic Friends bricks and LEGO bricks
-> New creation by you, never posted online before
-> No limit on number of entries
-> Post your images on this Flickr thread, and/or our Forum
-> Deadline is March 31st, so tap into your Flower Power!
View all the creations for this building challenge!