February 23, 2021

Review: 41433 Party Boat

Let's have some fun in the water with our social bubble. There are a number of options at the rental booth. What should we rent first?

First we build the dark pink flamingo float. It has room for two minidolls plus snacks and drinks. It can be towed by the hitch on its neck. It looks happy to have you on for a ride. At the bottom are the extra pieces in bag #1

February 8, 2021

Review: 41447 Heartlake City Park

I started building on a snow day, and I'm finishing up this review in the following cold snap, but inside I'm enjoying a perfect spring day at the park with Olivia and Emma.

I am personally biased in favor of this set. That swan boat brings back fond memories of a trip to Japan, but I will try to set aside my bias for this review. I think it will be a fun set to build and play with, so let's go through it together.