February 23, 2021

Review: 41433 Party Boat

Let's have some fun in the water with our social bubble. There are a number of options at the rental booth. What should we rent first?

First we build the dark pink flamingo float. It has room for two minidolls plus snacks and drinks. It can be towed by the hitch on its neck. It looks happy to have you on for a ride. At the bottom are the extra pieces in bag #1

The flamingo float's round corner 5x5x1 bricks in dark pink are unique to this set. They could make nice wheel arches for a dark pink colored VW Beetle.

In bag #2, the dark pink flamingo can be found in two other sets. The small palm leaves in lime are available in three other sets.

Finishing bag #2, we have the rental booth, jet ski, and an assortment of extra pieces. The sign at the booth has a number of equipment you can rent or hire. It is safe in HeartLake to leave 100 on top of the cash register. 

In bag #3, the yellow 1x12x10 bow brick is unique to this set. The coral 2x4 plates and magenta 1x2x2 corner bricks can be found in two other sets.

We lay down the hull with bag #3. It is a good solid construction. There are a good number of SNOT bricks and plates on the sides.

The black Technic gear box and tan 12 tooth bevel gear provide the play function for the dance floor.

It should be noted that the boat does not float. There is also a hole in the bottom of the hull. It can be filled in with two 2x4 plates if desired or perhaps turned into a secret underwater dock for the submersible from 41378 Dolphins Rescue Mission.

Onwards to bag #4, the yellow 3x10 left and right wedges are unique to this set. The lime 4x4 tiles with bow can be found in one other set. 

Building tip: the tan bevel gear should not be pressed too tightly against the bottom of light blue grey turntable. Otherwise, it'll make it harder for dance floor to rotate easily.

We have more of the boat built. The dance floor is installed. Turning the round knob in the back (stern) moves it. The boat has water jet propulsion as the water "flame" pieces indicate.

In bag #5, the dark turquoise 1x5x4 inverted bricks with bow are unique to this set. The dark turquoise 1x5x4 bricks with bow can be found in two other sets. The dark turquoise 2x2/45 inverted slopes can be found in three other sets. The dark pink 6x12x8 slide is available in two other sets.

Completing bag #5, the cabin is installed with a bed and table. There are lounge chairs on the rear deck. The slide is fun to go down.

The last bag is #6. We are now ready for the Friends to board the boat. Enjoy a drink under the umbrella, listen to Andrea perform on the stage, dance on the lime dance floor, navigate the boat from the bridge. The railings are decorated with party lights. The baby dolphin wants to join in the fun too.  

Ethan, Emma and Andrea are the minidolls. Ethan's top with palm trees is new. His dark turquoise shorts can be found in one other set. Emma's top with jellyfish is also new. Her light aqua skirt can be found in three other sets.  Andrea's top can be found in two other sets. Her magenta skirt can found in three other sets. She is wearing the same outfit in Heartlake City Resort

The flamingo and dolphin are the animals. Aren't they cute together?

This is the sticker sheet. There are 18 pieces to apply.

The front of the box shows a scene of the boat, jet ski, flamingo float, and beach. The set is rated for age 7+ with 640 pieces. 

The back of the box shows the many play features of the set.

The parts list is in the back of the instruction booklet #2.



I enjoyed building this set. I sailed through the instructions without hitting any rough seas. It is quite playable. I had fun towing the flamingo float around at high speed (hang on tight). The set has some interesting pieces for MOCs. I like boat bow pieces for ship MOCs. The slide can be used with Great Ball Contraptions (GBC). There is an assortment of food pieces to serve at your parties.

The gear box under the dance floor is a good way to learn about mechanical motion and how to change rotation at right angles. As a bonus feature, let's learn to how to make the dance floor spin while you dance with your smartphone in your hand using the LEGO® Powered UP.

Thanks for reading.

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