June 13, 2020

Review: 41430 Summer Fun Water Park

It's a Water Park paradise! So much to do here ... water, water everywhere! Who will splash last?

Box front of this large box: Water from the dumping coral shell is falling onto Olivia! Lots of water-shooters, sliding fun going on here!
The Lifeguard stand and small ice cream truck frame the water park, which appears beyond downtown HLC -- perhaps neat Heart Lake.

Box back shows a slight angle of the park's other side and insets of what the mini-dolls can do there. Mason stays busy as Lifeguard and ice cream truck vendor, yet also finds time for fun too!

Box top has the 4 mini-dolls on pool-side mats having fun. Lots of accessories, and our mini-doll with names. Stephanie is the core character here; both box back feature and part side 1:1 ratio rep.
Box bottom has the new Flamingo and mini-dolls with a brick collage as backdrop art.

Brick collage side and the other side's "scene slice" with Olivia shooting a water cannon, as the other 3 slide!

Box contents: Eight numbered bags and two soft bags of parts (which have perforated tear lines and are nice to save and re-use for protecting larger pieces, etc.).

Box contents: Also, wrapped in plastic instructions booklet #1 and book #2 (with 248 pages), and a sticker sheet (no cardboard backing).


Bag 1 parts: More of the Palm leaves new in Lime for 2020 (only in Friends sets so far), and Olivia's torso is new. Otherwise, a 1x2x2 UniKitty Tail in Flame yellowish orange that is only also in 80102 Dragon Dance.

Inner bag of Bag 1 parts: Nothing really new, yet the tan 1x1 with protrude (I call them 'paddle' pieces) are great for so many things.

Olivia has a new lovely shimmery blue and pale pink diagonally layered strapless top. The fabric is printed with both colors in a wavy design. Plus, the layers go all the way around her torso!
She's wearing it with a dark azure skirt and dark pink slip-on shoes. We give her a pink basket and sunglasses.

Mason gets Teal cargo pocket shorts with black and navy flip-flops, and a yellow Frisbee. He has tan hard plastic hair that is wonderful sculpting.
He first appeared in 41347 Heartlake City Resort, and is still the only mini-doll without a shirt.

Mason is sitting in the Lifeguard chair and has the grey case with heart-beat graphic, probably a defibrillator.

We tuck the grey medical case in the locker next to the Lifeguard stand.
We also build a Unicorn floatie, some refreshments, three beach towel mats (colors of the 3 girls in the set), and two water blasters. The water shooters work, and I really like the extension of where the water is held in them -- one orange and one green bulb piece in translucent -- just like real water blasters!
All the parts below them are spares!

Bag 2 parts: Dark azure 2x4x1 brick with screen (wheel surrounds) still somewhat rare, having first appeared in 2018's Olivia's Mission Vehicle; it has longer downward "screen" sections.

Inner bags parts from Bag 2: Stephanie's torso is new and exclusive to this set.

Stephanie's halter top with diagonal band goes all the way around her torso -- although only the front has the shimmery blue with magenta and white stripe. She wore this in Stephanie's Summer Heart Box 41386. and wore this 2-layered pink skirt with dark grey/silver sandals also in 41374 Andrea's Pool Party.
We put a pink flower in her hair, and giver her money for ice cream (she must have it in a pocket [yes, skirts can have pockets] or spent ;-)

While building the ice cream truck, we build and insert a cooler with ice cream -- which can be removed easily. We build the back and front panels separately, then attach using the brick-built assembly of the 1x1x2/3 white bricks (one of my favorite bricks) with slopes on top.

We top the windows off with white tiles and only 3 jumpers so we can remove the roof section easily for access and play. We've stacked 3 cones inside by the freezer, and added a trans fluorescent yellow popsicle in the counter. The roof display of two huge ice cream cones is great! The side sign with a Flamingo eating ice cream is just perfect.
Now we can attach the roof. The opposite side also has a white slope/tile attachment, like under the counter. This is very handy for picking up the vehicle.

The finished Ice Cream Truck with roof signs. As you can see, it's easy to remove for access; best spot for removal is thumb under the sign.

That's everything Bag 2 parts build -- plus spares. The front gets a cute grille and heart sticker, along with headlights.

Bag 3 parts: nothing really new, yet a nice selection of medium azure.

Both inner bags of parts from Bag 3: We get to use that white shell in an interesting way ...

Emma's lovely blue and white scroll/scallop motif swim top has appeared in two other sets: 41385 Emma's Summer Heart Box and 41397 Juice Truck. She wore the aqua capri too, in 41380 Lighthouse Rescue Center set. We give her purple sunglasses and a phone. The back detail print of her swim top tying into a bow is so nice!

Here is the clam shell toilet on an aqua tiles bathroom -- the commode gets a pink heart tile -- perhaps an automatic scent freshener ;-)

We build the locker separately before installing -- which I always like; although the 1x1s will probably stay on the plate if you lift it out. Still, it's a super neat Locker cabinet!

The red and blue 1x1s are water knobs for trans blue dish shower head that gets clipped on.

Now you can see why I took a picture of the toilet while it was bright in the bathroom -- because the yellow slide pieces become the ceiling!

We've pulled out both a white 8x16 plate, and a new in dark azure 8x16 plate from of the soft non-numbered bags. Same goes for the slide pieces.

The shower head is installed outside the changing room. The beginning of something angled on hinges ... The dark grey "A" plate is hidden under that white 4x4 corner plate.
So, that's all we build from Bag 3 parts, plus spares.

Bag 4 parts: Newly re-colored 2x4x4 roof piece (with scalloped shingles) is new in tan for 2020 and exclusive to this set. The 6x6 plate in dark pink is only otherwise in Olivia's Summer Heart Box 41387. Dark azure 6x10 plate is new for 2020 and exclusive to this set, as is the 6x6 plate with bow (curve). Medium Azure 1x3 brick is new for 2020, and only otherwise in Trolls.
The vibrant coral shell is new and rare; only otherwise in Ariel's Disney storybook set. The Coral in vibrant coral is new for 2020 and only otherwise in Trolls, City polybag, and Disney -- although the mold first appeared in the color Teal in Friends in 2019.

Inner bags of Bag 4 parts: Minecraft foot plate (1x2 plate with vertical knobs) in tan in only 5 other sets. New for 2020 and exclusive to this set is the Lavender Seahorse.

Closer look at the new Lavender Seahorse: Very endearing and it has bubbles or spots on its face, and is the same height as the vibrant coral version from the Marine Life assortment pack. Although in this set it will stand on a dark azure jumper in front of the coral shell, I wanted to see what it would look like on the coral Coral. The vibrant coral Seahorse will actually go on the coral Coral in this set.

After adding more height to the structure above the yellow slide -- mostly white and aqua -- we get our first trans blue tube section out.
It's the straight Tube ID#6286643 piece and I wanted to highlight that they fit together with internal ridges -- and within that connection, can rotate in opposite directions. They have top studs within a framing of sorts; anti-studs on the bottoms.

Now you can see on the front a lot of dark azure and aqua build-up. It's quite rock or tree-like in its angling of slopes and such. We've started with the top's "sand" castle framing and built a water cannon that swivels and turns.

We connect the 3 more straight tube pieces with 3 curved (45-degree) Tube pieces ID#6306045; as I mentioned -- they can rotate freely within their connections. This section will connect with the one already connected on the sand frame. It will be rotated so the last straight tube can connect to the grey hinged studs between the white 1x2 cheese slopes.

The water tube slide it complete! The entry point has a sign telling you to have your head raised a bit before you slide down, with red and green lights for "Stop" or "Go" depending if the person ahead of you has cleared the tube.

The front gets some stickers of fish swimming to help with the flowing water illusion -- plus some coral sea life. We add the coral Seahorse onto the coral Coral -- via a purple flower. It's supposed to be facing the other direction, yet that would show the sprue side -- so I rotated it.

Then, after some attaching some seaweed/Sea Grass -- and crowning the Sand Castle with a scalloped roof with flags -- we adorn the coral shell with the Lavender Seahorse!
That's all the building of this section of the water park from Bag 4 parts, plus spares.

Bag 5 parts: New in dark azure are the Right and Left angle 3x12 plates and only otherwise in NinjaGO.

Inner bags of parts from Bag 5: can never have too many jewels ;-)

First we build the Lavender Treasure chest and put in the gold "coins" and trans pink Jewels ... all guarded by an Octopus!

Then we get busy on the angled plates building a ... spaceship? Nah, it's the center section of the water park basin. We need the angles and hinges to make the overall angled shape of its footprint. So none of the hinges will actually be hinging.

This section is done with Bag 5 parts, except a few azure and pink tiles. Next we add the treasure chest to the first section built -- then snap this one to that too.

Now connected to the first section built via Technic pins through the yellow bricks on the back, we add dark azure slope and smooth tiles to secure the main "water" area on the front. Also two white 1x1 plates onto the hinge, and a 1x8 dark pink tile along the front white wall.
Only 2 spares.

Now we have a shower to rinse off the sand. A Waterfall and a perfect water blaster vantage point deck.

Bag 6 parts: The 6x10 plate in dark azure is new for 2020 and exclusive to this set, as well as the 6x6 plate with bow (curve).

Inner bags of parts from Bag 6: Nothing exactly new, yet I'm happy for a 1x1x2/3 brick with 2 front knobs in grey.

We get out the 8x16 dark azure plate and dark pink plates form soft bags -- which are both new in those colors for 2020. Then we build the base of the next water park section -- starting with a Sauna that's under the front-facing yellow slide. We adhere a lovely sticker that has a tiled ceramic wall and some steam bubbles inside a white wall panel. The trans fluorescent green crystals must give off heat :-)

The tan bench gets vibrant coral seats. Although that medium azure slope brick doesn't get anything in its stud (according to instructions) I might add the spare trans blue cheese slope. I think it will look good there.

The front has the yellow slide that lands you in a small pool. A red or green light sign at the top to make sure you don't crash into someone else. The trans blue panels frame the doorway to the Sauna.
Plus spares from bag 6.

Bag 7 Parts: More new for 2020 coral pieces in Vibrant Coral. Dark pink 6x6 plate only otherwise in Olivia's Summer Heart Box 41387. Also somewhat rare dark pink lattice (ladder) only otherwise in 2020 Jungle sets.

We add these parts to the base of the last section of the water park. Inside 2nd level we add Vibrant Coral Lounger using the 1x2 bow piece as the backrests. We add a table and bright fruity drinks for relaxing under the waterfall. A ladder to the roof and Technic assembly for next stage ... brown for a tree trunk.

Front shows the Loungers better (they are sweet), plus we add seaweed and Coral parts adorned with sea-flowers. The waterfall complements those with a landing water splash over flowers. A conch shell for decoration and a Coral fish for the small Aquarium.
The parts on the bottom left (tiles) will go to help connect the front water basin to the previous section we built. Parts on the bottom right are spares.

Bag 8 parts: Another 2x4x4 roof piece (with scalloped shingles) new in tan for 2020 and exclusive to this set. More re-colored in Lime green Palm leaves, new for 2020 and only in Friends.
White 6x6 flat tile new for 2020 and exclusive to this set (it gets the Flamingo sign sticker). Vibrant coral Shell piece is only otherwise in Disney's Ariel's Storybook. The Flamingo is a new 2020 animal mold and only otherwise in Beach House 41428 (link to an image with close-up and other angles).

Inner bags of Bag 8: Technic angle element (bottom pic) is new in white for 2020; only otherwise in a City polybag.

Parts from bag 8 are added to the top of the last section built. Even though the instructions say to connect it --then add tiles on water basin -- it was easier for me to to set those tiles aside and add the parts to the section -- then connect to the center section.

We build the rest of the sand castle onto the last section, build the coral shell water dumping mechanism and install. Then build and attach the Flamingo sign, add Palm trees, yellow safety rails, and the Flamingo.

This is the backside view of the water park -- so you can see the options: Sauna (and I did add that trans blue cheese slope), climb up under the center waterfall, use the bathroom, use the changing room, and stow your stuff in a locker. Then slide down the yellow slide, or the water tube! Whew -- so much to do here!

Front view of the water park: Water tube, water cannon, slide into the basin, Shower sand off, enter the Sauna, or get blasted by the water sprayer while landing from the curvy slide.

You can also view it all from behind a waterfall in two spots -- one with Loungers and fruity drinks.

The angled connection of the water basin makes it look somewhat like a pop-up book :-)

Bottom left of the Lavender treasure chest guarded by an Octopus are 2 spare parts from bag 8, a grey Technic pin and a white 1/4 round tile. There are also 3 marine life pieces (shell, seahorse and starfish) leftover that you could add where you want.  [Edit: a coral starfish and shell should cover the blue technic pins on either side of the water-dumping shell.  Page 295 only directs adding the Flamingo; it just shows them on the build, and I missed them.]

Below the Flamingo sign, the coral shell holds trans 5 blue 1x1s as "water" for dumping on someone.
The trans blue 1x2 plate connected under the tan 2x4 smooth tile is how the shell with water is held full. By (barely) placing pressure on the back of that tile -- the connection of the trans blue 1x2 plate to the tan studs on the plate in the coral shell is released and the water comes slipping down! (Don't mind the orange brick separator, trying to show the moment the connection is lost ;-)
Luckily, every time I did this, all five 1x1s stayed within the water basin below.
That is just another great aspect of this set -- the base is pretty, playful, and functions too -- especially with the white and dark pink knee wall containing it all around.

Hanging out on the beach ... Emma decides to call Andrea and Mia to come join in the fun!  Everyone agrees :-)

The beach towel mats are nice. You can the the connection of the water tube to that angled base. It's very sturdy -- and mini-doll approved!

One more look at all the watery activities at this Summer 2020 Fun Water Park!


The next best thing to visiting a water park is building this Summer Fun Water Park! The designers have packed in so many activity options -- just like a real life attraction. The set size provides lots of space for lots of mini-dolls! So, pull out your HLC residents collection after building this.

Angle building via the center section, so that the entire park is "focused" in the front is very inspiring and I learned some neat techniques. I'd recommend this set for anyone who either loves water parks, or wants to learn new building designs -- and with great parts! This will be great in a LEGO layout or fan event.

The Ice Cream Truck is very solid; the way we build the chassis -- then add back and front panels makes it stable for opening the roof. I feel like I didn't feature it enough -- because it is a nice build -- yet there is just so much to "feature" on this set. An ice cream stand would have been nice too, instead of a truck. The interior cooler and cones stacked are really nice aspects.

The Unicorn floatie is another fun build that I probably didn't feature enough. My other favorite small builds are the Vibrant Coral loungers behind the waterfall. Sure,  I've built plenty of Friends chaise chairs before -- yet, I guess it's the color with the curvy bow piece that makes these so lovely.

Getting four mini-dolls will be exciting for some fans; plus the new Lavender Seahorse and Flamingo too. For AFOLs, this set provides a plethora of new-for-2020 parts and nice re-colors of others. Castle fans may like the tan roofs, and space fans may like the angled blue plates -- yet Friends fans will love it all!

This set was provided by The LEGO Group for the purpose of sharing set details with fans.
Opinions provided here solely reflect those of our reviewer.
Photographs are property of Friends Bricks and are not directed by TLG in any fashion.


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