May 14, 2020

Review: 41380 Lighthouse Rescue Center

Hey! That Dolphin is telling you something Mia -- there's a Seal trapped in an old Island shack!

Box front shows islands off HLC's coast and we know this is a sub-theme by the sea life doodles on the flanges, and the water activity outfits on the Friends in their BFF Heart inset upper right.
The wave graphic behind them is nice! The center show Lighthouse activity and that we get a "Light Brick" for making real working beacon! Plus water-reactive textile of a map.
The lower left inset shows that we save a Seal. The coral reef is shown underwater behind the Lighthouse (cool!), and our mini-dolls get the Gilligan's Island treatment of life preserver cameos.

Box back has that wave graphic continues above the Friends logo and that looks like a water portal behind Mia's feature cameo upper right.
Lots of activities in this Lighthouse -- even though most are pretty quiet -- this serves as a Rescue Center for sea animals in distress. The light can be rotated, just like a real lighthouse.

Box top has close-up images of the fun elements and gear we get, and that same wave portal with Emma riding it! While Mia gives us the 1:1 parts size ratio.
Box bottom has the now standard (since 2018) brick collage with mini-dolls and animals we get in this set. LEGO Life app ad, battery info, light brick info, and recycle info.
It's a wide box, measuring 19 inches.

Box sides: One with brick collage and part size warning; the other is the "scene slice" that I enlarged the image a bit, since there is stuff to see!

Box contents: One thick instructions book #2 (143 pages), and a smaller instructions booklet #1 (45-pages), large and small sticker sheets, 5 parts bags, plus a yellow slide piece with 8x16 azure baseplate and 2 trans blue 6x6 window glass pieces in another soft bag.

Bag 1 contents: Teal coral, new in 2019 :-)
Mia's lime and dark azure short-sleeve wet suit top with seahorse insignia and lime green short wet suit pants are only here and in 41381 Rescue Mission Boat.
Blue bird was named Mimi in the Heartlake Pet Center set.
Seal in this color of sand blue appeared in 2017's Heartlake Surf Shop 41315 (with the name of Velvet). In this animal mold, a Brown Seal appeared first in Seal's Little Rock 41047 in 2014, and then in the first Friends Lighthouse set in 2015: Heartlake Lighthouse 41094.

Both inner bag parts: Baby turtle new for 2019 and in other Sea Life sets. New to me are the trans blue 1x1 plate with top hole -- very useful for water features.

Mia is wearing a new wet suit in Lime green and dark azure with short raglan sleeves. No printing on the back, yet the Seahorse insignia on her right chest matches the Lighthouse. We give her an orange personal floating device vest, sunglasses, and a Dolphin.


Close-up of baby Turtle's heart-shaped shell print, and Sea Life pieces in vibrant coral.

First build Jetski and Coral Reef section.

Then build old island shack where Seal got trapped by a fallen board. The Palm tree can swivel thanks to a Technic piece.

The back shows how other Technic pieces create a mechanism for pushing the Seal out to break through the board.

Bag 2 parts: Teal 4x4 1/4 circle plate only otherwise in Rescue Mission Boat and TLM2 Party Bus

Both inner bags of Bag 2 parts: Emma's new top; otherwise nothing really new -- although I always love to see printed wood board tiles!

Building the sand island base for the Lighthouse goes quick and the first floor is built very "rock" solid. We get to build two equipment cabinets outside of the lighthouse, then install. Since they attach onto one stud of earth blue tiles, they can be taken back out for play or re-arranging.

Inside so far with medical tool stations installed.

Front so far after adding all parts from Bag 2. A clam shell door knob -- of course!

Before we get to Bag 3 parts -- let's take a look at gorgeous Emma:

Emma has a new dark lilac and aqua wet suit that is sleeveless. The Seahorse insignia is centered on her top; it's fun that its tail forms a heart. Her full aqua pants and white flip flops only otherwise in Emma's Summer Heart Box 41385.

Bag 3 parts: The white 1x6x6 window frame was new in this wave, and is only otherwise in Turtles Rescue Mission 41376. Ladder in medium grey stone in only 3 other sets (nice to have one other than in bright yellow.)

Both inner bags of Bag 3 parts: All nice, especially the dark stone grey 1x1 plates with hole on top, and gold chains.

All bag 3 parts added, plus both slide parts; which allows a seal to slide right back down into the ocean.  We get to 'build' a fishing pole, instead of just getting the pre-molded one!  Another example of details in Friends sets.
Through the front windows (1x6x6 glass in light trans blue are only in this set) you can actually see the bubbles (stickers) on the holding tank. We get to add more Sea Life and hang diving equipment. The front dock with gold chains is nice; especially with the posts topped off!

Inside you can see the holding tank better -- it has an x-ray screen and adjustable exam light. The entire tank can swivel out for better access to the sea animal patient, and there's a stool underneath.

Bag 4 parts: Teal 6x12 plate new and only in this set, as are the 2x2 inverted roof tile (slope) in Vibrant Coral.

Both inner bags of Bag 4 parts: Nothing really new, yet always nice to have a I 'heart' HLC cup.

All bag 4 parts added: creates a pool with slide for a Seal on the rooftop module, which is detachable (modular), and has a Sand Castle, chair and table with lunch for mini-doll on Seal sitting duty.
I've swung out the holding tank on the first floor so you can see how that works.

The lighthouse section where the yellow slide attaches in a Seal feeding area with TV monitor and a light, plus fresh water.

Lighthouse has windows and we see that something will go in front of the sand castle. The fishing pole is ready at the dock -- to catch some seal food.

Bag 5 parts: More teal 4x4 1/4 circle plates that are only otherwise in Rescue Mission Boat and TLM2 Party Bus. Plus more new vibrant coral 2x2 inverted roof tile slopes. New for 2019 is the 2x10 plate in teal, which is in only 2 other sets. Earth Blue 6x6 Parabola (disc) is only otherwise in Disney Castle.

Inner bags of Bag 5 parts: Nothing new, yet welcomed.

First build whale for sign (love brick-built animals!) and the desk for the top floor of the Lighthouse (obviously the Lighthouse keeper's desk, maybe there's an old book with a story of a giant sea creature ...)

We've added the top floor, Seahorse insignia, top deck with satellite dish and telescope, Lighthouse light (with light-up brick), "Rescue" sign, and whale sign (or is it a Whale jumping over the Lighthouse?) -- for our complete Lighthouse!
Whew! This is a very intense, detailed structure! Allow time for building this so you can enjoy it. Sure you could build it fast, yet that wouldn't be much fun -- plus you couldn't savor the sweet design delights!

Here is an up close view of the Seahorse insignia on the Lighthouse -- the way its tail curls to a heart is so sweet! The whale is a fun build and teaches techniques, plus it can swivel/swim a bit thanks to that Technic pin. The Rescue Center sign is perfectly adorned with coral sea life.

An overview of everything you build!

Spare parts from all bags.

Mia bringing the rescued seal from that island hut to the Rescue Center for a check-up and a meal.
Emma waits on the grey stairs, which I am happy to have instead of yellow ;-)
Did you notice the band-aid sticker of the first aid kit? So cute!

While Mia checks on the baby Turtle she also found on that island, Emma gets her camera. Both seals are safe now.
The way the designers allow the water holding tank swing out for more play and access is brilliant!

The roof of the rescue center is modular in that it's connected only by 4 studs and otherwise tiles. That mean it comes off easily for play and re-arranging the main vet room.
Plus both medical equipment cabinet/desks can be pulled out for more options. Very important details for play.

Emma is Seal-sitting on the roof while enjoying a cuppa. While Mia stays with the baby turtle as it looks at the equipment (perhaps Olivia's language translator that will have the baby turtle say "danger" in reference to a construction spot in the ocean).
This is an overall look at the back of the Lighthouse -- with spin-able lighted Light on top.

One last look at the overall set -- and everything you get to build!
We didn't get to the clam gem treasure after finding the map by the shack. Emma will have to do that later -- for her collection. Plus, Mia will have to catch some more fish for these hungry Seals! Good thing there's a Fishing pole in the crate on the dock.

The next day, the baby Turtle is safe and playing in the rooftop Sand Castle! (How cool is a rooftop sand castle?) Emma decides to go for a dive, and Mia is fishing from the dock to feed the hungry Seal.
This last image also shows the photograph hung on the top floor office wall -- love it!
While removing this set from my photography table, I couldn't help but play with it -- and decided on this last image -- mainly for the baby Turtle :-)


This set has everything you'd want in a LEGO Lighthouse -- and in nautical colors too! There are so many functions and interactive areas that it could be an educational tool for learning to care for sea animals. I didn't get a image of a seal going down the slide after a meal and TV ... yet you can imagine it!

Emma also didn't have time to dive She decided the next morning ... to dive for the gem treasure after Mia found the map by the shack ... yet you can imagine it too. The coral reef is so lovely -- I'm not sure we should mess with it ;-)

Aside from all the great play features, clever techniques and one brick-build animal -- this Lighthouse would be great as display for any LEGO layout. I would recommend this as an addition for a fan event beach display.

As a structure, AFOLs can enjoy a moderately challenging build that is solid when complete. It can be picked up and moved without worry.

The somewhat modular aspect of the center's roof being able to remove for access is very nice. Even though the lighthouse rooms are a bit tight, and don't open up -- they are nice. The top keeper's office has a "sticker #5" photograph that Emma took hanging on the wall, and it's hard to see -- yet is lovely against the earth blue frame.

This set is tall -- of course -- so measure your shelves for displaying this beautiful nautical NatGeo Kids companion set. It's a nice reminder of our Ocean treasure being the life itself.  Considering the first Friends lighthouse was an ice cream shop -- this set demonstrates the overall mission of this theme having social responsibility.  Of course we still get "just for fun" sets too :-)

The entire Summer 2019 sub-theme Sea Life category of sets partnered with National Geographic Kids to raise awareness. See more info:

This set was provided by The LEGO Group for the purpose of sharing set details with fans.
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I love this set!

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The highlights for me: the abandoned shack and the coral reef minibuilds. So imaginatively done!
The set as a whole is a good one for kids.

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