May 19, 2020

Review: 41423 Tiger Hot Air Balloon Jungle Rescue

Emma: "Ready for liftoff! Tiger Cub is secure in the crate, over ..." Andrea: "Roger, ready to add hot air ... rescue on the way! ... over and out."

This tall box shows the hot air balloon aloft, carrying one of the white Tiger cubs. The flanges are only printed, yet have new doodles of compass, map, and other exploring and rescue elements.
The upper right new BFF heart inset shows all 5 Friends with their new Jungle attire. Emma and Andrea have their cameos in a jungle vine frame. This Jungle Rescue sub-theme is in support of National Geographic Explorers.

Box back shows the Waterfall rescue in progress, and all the really nifty interactive functions in this set.

Box top show the new super cute White Tiger cub and Andrea as our 1:1 parts size ratio -- in her new Jungle khaki outfit.
Box bottom has Emma in her new Jungle khaki outfit with another of the cubs.

Scene slice side of the box show all the action! The other side shows beautiful jungle flora, and that this set can be accessed via Instructions Plus.

Box contents: One 115-oage Instructions book, Stickers, Legoland coupon, three numbered bags, and soft bag with the hard plastic balloon shells.

Bag 1 parts: New for 2020 in dark azure is the 3x6 half circle plate with cutout, and in only 2 other sets.  We finally get more dark Lilac 4x4 curvy tiles, after only one came in Emma's Art Cafe. The dark pink curvy bricks are nice, and rare. Of course the mini-doll outfits are new.

Bag 1's inner bag of parts: The 5-petal flower is new in Vibrant Coral and the 1x1 heart tile also in coral is new to Friends this year after first appearing in a 2019 CMF (Collectible Minifigure pack).

Here is Emma in her new Khaki coveralls with bib and 2-layer skirt. There is a center pocket and side zip pockets, with buckle straps. She even has back print of the coverall and straps! Her shirt is coral and pale green leafy print, and it's finished with Lavender lace-up boots (love them!).
We give her a walk-talkie with a coral heart button.

Andrea's Khaki attire is 1-layer skirt with a high Teal belted top that has wrap around straps. The belt has a pouch and is topped with a multi-colored chest inset, with a coral bandana. She always goes in style -- as evident with her gold laced boots.
We give her a coral heart buttoned walkie-talkie, binoculars -- and our first White Tiger cub. So cute!

We start building with the balloon passenger basket. I really enjoy using this white "step" brick piece. The white round tiles with center stud are for securing mini-dolls feet.

The balloon shells are 4 white, and 4 dark Lilac -- which is a new color for this piece.
Friends debuted this piece in magenta back in 2015.

The basket is built and coral flowers added to only the white shells.

Everything we build with bag 1 parts, plus spares. The crate gets Jungle Rescue motif stickers on both sides to match the balloon's flag. It's a clever and different design for the crate. It's somewhat awkward picking up the balloon with the chain attached. For play, it is fun -- for reviewing, it is tricky. It moves around a lot with its split hinged handles.

Sticker sheet close up shows the Jungle leaf heart with paw print logo for this sub-theme. Plus some other lovely graphics, as usual.

Up close with the new White Tiger cub with its gorgeous blue eyes, pink nose and inner ears. A happy cub! Grey paws, with stripes continuing on its back. The mold isn't new, just the coloring.

Up close of the box Jungle BFF heart graphic shows the 5 core Friends with their new Khaki outfits and sporting the Jungle Rescue logo as a patch. Lush jungle flora and fauna surround them.

Bag 2 parts: Another tiger cub and a lot of dark stone grey for rocky waterfall building.  The 2x4 tile in bright green is new for 2020.

Bag 2's inner bag parts: Smooth round 1x1 tiles in new Transparent Blue Opal. The coral 5-petal flowers are new in this color, as are the bright yellow; and the light pink are rare.

We start with a jungle heart shaped base (of course :-) and start with cave walls. We add the Technic angular wheel as the mechanism that will give a flowing water illusion later. The sticker with mushrooms and snails goes inside a wall -- so I took this pic, since it will be harder later.

Overview of it after adding more -- plus a baby Turtle.

Everything bag 2 parts builds, plus spares. We added nougat colored 'steps' and a Water Lilly. Above that is a very awesome rock formation. We build sideways and in studs-not-on-top [SNOT] style.

Bag 3 parts: New Transparent Blue Opal curved wall panels (for waterfall).  The reddish-brown inverted 1x4x1 bow (slope) is new for 2020 and only otherwise in a Disney set.

Here is one Transparent Blue Opal wall panel next to a 1x1 round tile -- plus regular azure sloped bow brick for reference. Summer play cubes will probably have this color as the front half.

Bag 3's inner bag of parts: New coral and bright yellow 5-petal flowers, and lots of other great parts!

Azure Technic beams are connected and installed to be the flowing water that the underside black turning mechanism will "bump" for movement.

Now you can see the waterfall better, the satin blue is nice -- plus a gecko or salamander.

Everything bag 3 parts build, plus spares. The jungle vines with palm leaves are nice -- and the move around easily. We placed the yellow "jungle tree) frog, bird (seems to be Andrea's parrot Pepper), and one White Tiger Cub precariously on a broken branch sticking out over the waterfall ...

The smaller vine on the left is what you turn for the branch to make the tiger tumble. Landing on the waterfall current -- it needs rescuing -- or else fall onto the rocks below!

Below that vine is the Technic tube you turn to have the water simulate flowing. The black knobs of that mechanism make the back of the beam section move up and down.

Behind the top waterfall is a Diamond! You can see the lower cave entrance is hidden by jungle growth.

The other side has another cave entrance, and a SPIDER!
The sticker with a Ladybug simulates the continuance of that branch. Lovely.

Inside the cave, Andrea is trying to calm one of the tiger cubs. Watch out for that spider Andrea! The palm swings out for the cub to enter that way.
Lots of parts and sections that move and or can be adjusted -- I like that!

Here is Emma and Andrea Hot Air Ballooning -- before they saw the Tiger cubs in peril.
The basket can fit probably 3 mini-dolls comfortably.

Overview of everything you build: Certainly exploration inspiring!  Love that yellow "jungle tree" frog too.
The way the azure tiles and slope start at the waterfall top is just really nice to give us that contiguous flow of blue!

As you learned from the box front, this sub-theme is in support of National Geographic Explorers. This beautiful layout on the last pages after building instructions.  This follows last summer's NatGeo Kids partnership of Ocean Sea Life campaign.


The hot air balloon is fun to build, although connecting the chain and crate seems like we should build it after the waterfall. Maybe have us build a cliff to set it on too. I tried to attach it to that green patch on top of the mountain -- yet it couldn't support it. I wanted to take a photo of the balloon as if it was "in the air" by stacking some trans clear bricks underneath. Yet, I didn't want to confuse anyone that they didn't come in the set.  Of course -- having the balloon built first, with 2 mini-dolls and a tiger can give instant play fun before building the tall waterfall.

For me, building the rocky mountain waterfall was very enjoyable. I love seeing the angles and pieces the designers choose for rocky formations. It's not easy making LEGO bricks look like nature.

For AFOLs who enjoy this type of creation (and learning new techniques), I recommend trying this set for the joy of building. The balloon is fun too -- and the parts have been used in so many beautiful ways by builders. Dark Lilac shells are welcomed!

It's nice for us to be able to incorporate the beauty of nature, along with Friendship -- and helping others in need. Rescuing these adorable White Tiger cubs makes you feel good -- even in make-believe.

This set was provided by The LEGO Group for the purpose of sharing set details with fans.
Opinions provided here solely reflect those of our reviewer.
Photographs are property of Friends Bricks and are not directed by TLG in any fashion.



Anonymous said...

Absolutely love this set for its theme of animal rescue and extremely thrilled that the animal being rescued is a feline (especially since cats, both big and small, seem to have been very scarce in the newer Lego sets). Also, love it that there is a new color of tiger, and especially thrilled that two tigers have been generously included in this set. Lastly, it's awesome that Lego is working with/supporting National Geographic. I will definitely be adding at least one of these sets to my collection.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with Anonymous.

Anonymous said...

I REALLY love the tigers and balloon, and the play features on the waterfall. I wish that it came with a mother tiger also, though.

Unknown said...

when will this set become available on Amazon and in store?

LegoMyMamma said...

When it is available depends on where you live -- check your country's Shop-at-Home. June 1st for EU/APAC, and August 1st for USA/Canada

friendly ninja said...

that little bit of terrain looks so good! love the transparent opal.

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