May 4, 2020

Review: 41373 Funny Octopus Ride

No time to be crabby today -- this Funny Octopus with a Tophat can make anyone smile!
   Just look at the happy little Crab that Ethan is riding!

Box front shows how this is a set with movement -- as we turn the black knob for rides to go up and down, and all around!
The upper right corner indicates a standard HLC setting, with the 5 BFFs heart motif.
The wooden planks of the Pier's boardwalk against the HLC skyline gives this box a lovely presentation -- especially with the strung lights!

Box back shows more options for riding this silly bulbous aquatic creature! The ticket booth and other inset images capture fun building and imaginative setting for these bricks.
Andrea is the main Friends represented in this set.

Box sides show more: the scene slice has the octopus looking crossly funny. The other side has a brick collage. The box top has mini-dolls with names, and Pepper (the bird). While the bottom has both collage and mini-dolls, and the recycling message and LEGO Life ad.

Box contents: A 75-page instruction book, sticker, two trans blue corrugated tubes, and three numbered parts bags.
Transparent blue 208 millimeter corrugated pipe is only otherwise in 2 Star Wars sets.

Bag 1 parts: New in Magenta (bright reddish violet) are the 2x4x1 roof tile with 18° slope, and the 2x3 with 25° inverted slope bricks are only in this set and Mulan's Training Grounds 43182.

Parts from small bag inside Bag 1: The printed Ticket tile is always welcome and so classic looking!

First we build Andrea, giver her a camera and a ticket -- don't forget sunglasses!

We build the ticket booth with a bright yellow Squid over the window. I didn't mind the cute Octopus eating popcorn sticker that goes on the white 1/2 round wall piece. The magenta counter allows for Tickets to slide under the window!
We connect it to a sand bar of sorts, and add Pepper. The white brick on the far right has a hole in the center -- for connecting to the ride itself.

Andrea is wearing a leopard print shirt in earth blue and magenta, with a shimmery blue ruffled vest. She also wears this top and vest in Andrea's Shopping Play Cube 41405. The earth blue skirt with teal boots is in Andrea's Park Performance 41334 and Andrea's Play Cube 41400.
The shirt has no back print, yet her boots have super cool gold buckles!

Now we start building the base. It's hollow once you add the four azure 6x6 corner plates.

Then we get busy with the support for the octopus arms.

With the arm supports finished, we add the trans light blue corrugated Technic pipes/tubes. They connect the 4 ride seats, and sliding along the upper supports -- then lower -- they help raise and lower the seats. It also simulates pneumatic actuators that that real life rides have.

Everything that bag 1 parts build -- plus spares.

Bag 2 parts: New in Bright Pink is the Technic Angle element (allows 90-degree angle change). It's great these are now being produced in colors other than just grey!

Small parts from bag 2's inner bag: Also new in Bright Pink is the Technic Tube with double 4.85 hole. The Medium Lavender tooth (rubbery) part is only in 3 other sets.
The Navy (Earth Blue) 1x1 round plate with 3.2 shaft is only otherwise in Creator Expert Ford Mustang.

First we build Ethan and give him Popcorn!

Here is one octopus arm built -- and with parts laid out -- we build four (not 8 ;-).

We add those 4 to the white base using the dark stone grey Technic 2x1 hole with half beams pieces, then pink plates -- then gold 1/4 round 2x2 tiles.
It's very pretty -- to me!

After a grey round tile with hole, we can attach the arms round base to the turntable on the base we built from bag 1 parts. Then attach the Ticket Booth section via that dark grey brick with pin.
even though the front of the box shows the Ticket Booth separated from the ride -- you'll need it connected for something to hold on to while you spin the Octopus.

Next we build a Shark ride seat ... bahdum ... bahdum ...

Ethan in this standard sand green hoodie, black pants and sand blue shoes. His hair is not rubbery, yet hard brick plastic.

Everything bag 2 parts build and added to the base form bag 1; plus spare parts.

Close-up of the stickers: The cute Octopus with popcorn and tickets sticker that went on the front of the Ticket Booth is basically needed to know that's where you buy tickets for that ride. Although, a mini Octopus out of bricks for the top would be fun.
I decided not to add the #3 heart stickers to the white base; they seem like an after-thought, plus small -- even the box art shows them as slight. Although we will need #2 for one ride seat soon!

Bag 3 parts: The medium Lavender Shell is only in this set, yet has been around since 2015 in various colors; in white it is used as a sink in Heartlake Hair Salon 41391.
Only the second time in a set for the Magenta Balloon section (Decoration Shell); it first appeared in Heartlake Hot Air Balloon 41097.

Small bag from Bag 3 parts: Dark green round plate with 3.2 shaft -- new for 2019 and only in 3 other sets.

First we build the Sea Turtle ride seat. So adorable!

Then the Clam Shell ride seat with that lovely Lavender shell piece. I love the way the Heart tiles look like the frilly parts of a crustacean inside -- yet also the scallop curves of a bottom shell!

The last ride seat is the Crab -- obviously happy! I didn't mind the mouth sticker, however I did not apply the ones meant for the orange slope pieces as the ride's arm rests. It just doesn't need them; plus the other ocean animals as ride seats are built as just bricks.

Now we attach them to the pink plates on the Octopus arms. Technically, the instructions have you attach each as you build -- starting with the Shark.

Next we build the core connection for the Octopus to be able to spin, using lots of Technic parts. Then we attach the balloon pieces. Note: building the center takes a bit of push effort to get all the axles cross connections snug -- if you're a parent, you might need to help a younger builder.

After sliding the red cross axle down through the grey tile's hole -- we add Eyes! Oh, Hellooo! :-)

That's everything we build for the ride; plus spare parts from bag 3.

One more look at the completed Octopus Ride! It sure is funny! Wheeeee! That Crab is cute! Ethan is having fun, while Andrea takes some photos.

As you turn the top knob to spin the ride, those corrugated pipes make an awesomely deep bumpy brrrr-llll sound -- just like a real amusement park ride!  It's due to the Octopus arm's Technic tubes with holes rolling along it!  Very clever design!

Funny and fun to build, this amusement park ride is the ticket to building something that is technically complex *and* interactive! Plus, the colors are visually stunning -- just like you see at any fun park -- especially Boardwalk and seaside Piers.

For AFOLs who display at fan events, I can recommend this as a perfect set that crosses all themes. You could easily add different characters -- and lots more! It might be tricky to motorize, yet you could turn it if a fan asks to see the seat on the opposite side.

Even just for parts, this set is packed. The building techniques are great for even seasoned builders. Modifying it should not be too difficult, if it's too much magenta for you. A Lavender Octopus would be gorgeous!

This set was provided by the AFOL Engagement of The LEGO Group for the purpose of sharing set details with fans. Opinions provided here solely reflect those of our reviewer. Photographs are property of FriendsBricks and are not directed by TLG in any fashion.



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Nice review. Nice set.

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Octopi are my very favorite animals, and this set does not seem to be very popular for reviewers, so I was thrilled to see this article. Thank you very much!

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