December 28, 2019

Review: 41400 Andrea's Play Cube

Andrea can go on the road with her new play cube -- complete with stage -- and her rockin' gold lightning bolt face paint!

Package front shows cube built without surprise re-colored pet -- because there are 4 different colors you may get. This package is similar to last year's Heart Boxes, although the cube itself actually protrudes outside of the cardboard.
This is series #1 of at least 2, and the side bevels show a collage of all the newly colored animal pets in this series.

Back shows all the Play Cubes of Series #1 and that you can stack them.

Contents: Instructions pamphlet, largest parts bag, stickers, and closed play cube.

Sticker sheet -- only slightly bent, considering loose in package and kind of big sheet.

Larger bag parts shows us the brand new-for-2020 light Pink 2x6/1x6 brackets and a new fancy Andrea's head! The 2x2 round plates aren't new in Teal, yet somewhat rare, only in 3 other sets.

Here she is with her new gold lightning bolt angled across one eye! Wow, it's very pretty in person -- rock on! Her teal vest with gold fringe, magenta winged music note necklace over a gold cut-out top outfit isn't new, as she wore it in Emma's Art Studio 41365, yet with different boots. Vest back is solid teal. Her boots are teal with gold square buckle clasps, which she wears in Funny Octopus Ride 41373.

Contents of play cube: Andrea brochure, surprise pet pillow-box type container with question marks galore, and a small parts bag.
I've laid a ruler (not included) to give an idea of the cube size -- roughly 3-inches wide when closed. Mind that if you're buying for an AFOL ;-)

So far, I'm pretty excited about the 1x2 piano keys tile; it's new for 2020.  Otherwise the only printed piano keyboard are 1x4 tiles on Metal Beard's leg in TLM2's Systar Party Crew 70848 set.

We build the section onto the new pink brackets first. The instructions are only 1 page, so you can build either one first -- after placing the background sticker in the flame yellowish orange colored cube half.
I missed the 2 black 1x1 round plates under the red plate, plus microphone. I am happy we build the sections outside of the cube; for some reason I had thought we built inside. Yes, that is the purpose of the new bracket plates ...

Sections built and installed. Andrea looks awesome in this cube -- even if her guitar is just a sticker. I'm glad there's a red plate for her to stand on, so she stands out!

My surprise re-colored Pepper! Golden with vibrant coral beak, feet, and wing highlights. Beautiful! The green eyes also have a pink sparkly sheen around and as lash-feathers.

Gold Pepper has joined Andrea in the cube on her Piano perch. Somewhat dark nougat looking color, really.

The cube closed: It's secure, yet you don't really hear a click when closing -- although when opening there's a *pop* sound, which takes just a small tug. Spare parts are our typical small ones that can easily roll off.

Andrea brochure from inside the cube shows the other re-colored Pepper possibilities. Taking a cue from Collectible Mini-figures, I guess.

Flip-side shows all the Series #1 and that Series #2 (mid-year 2020) have the trans-sparkly half of the cube in pink.

The sparkly trans purple side provides somewhat a view of what is inside. At this point, the builder places stickers any where they wish, as the instructions only refer to the backdrop for Andrea inside, and the stool cushion.

Without the stickers, this new small container theme provides a prospect of re-building and adding your own scenes! I've already seen a few AFOLs doing this with their own bricks -- creating scenes from nature and their own environment.

This image also allows you to better see where the new bracket plate fits into the cube -- by connecting to those square formed anti-stud holes. It fits snuggly and doesn't fall out, even with only 2 connections. Pull straight out to remove the pink bracket section.

Even re-arranging what comes in this package is fun: Andrea is playing the piano just for pretty golden Pepper!


When the set names first appeared, I was curious about these "cubes" and yet also concerned about the burnout after the Heart Boxes. Then when I saw images, I was intrigued, yet worried about "pod" boredom -- after all those!
Hesitantly reviewing, I am happy to say they are fun! The amount of detail just in packing the cube with stuff, then inside the cardboard package, is impressive. The parts are good, especially since we get the new bracket plates! I can see those being used for modular house interiors.

Of course these are meant for small hands -- yet even as an AFOL it was enjoyable. I took longer than expected. I would like to try my hand at more scenes beyond the typical Friends interests. Before opening it, I had figured I'd use the cube as a container for some of my very small parts (looking at you hair bows) to help separate colors. I may still do that.

This concept is perfect for play on-the-go. I can easily see the target audience with these on a long car ride! Just mind the small parts rolling off ...

This set was provided by The LEGO Group for the purpose of sharing set details with fans.
Opinions provided here solely reflect those of our reviewer.
Photographs are property of Friends Bricks and are not directed by TLG in any fashion.


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Anonymous said...

Love these! Especially Emma's pods with the cats! I collect all the Lego sets with cats in them and have been hoping more colors of cats would come out. These are so unique and fun. The sparkly boxes are also neat, and it will also be fun to collect version 2, assuming there will be more cats inside :-).

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