May 18, 2020

Review: 41376 Turtles Rescue Mission

Zobo and Olivia rescue turtles so they can be safe in the sand under the rescue hut!

The front of the box shows the rescue center's beach hut where the Friends take care of turtles in need of assistance. This set is part of the Friends Sea Life sub-theme.  These sets can be identified by the water activities inset on the upper right corner of the box.  The main image om the box shows that Olivia is on her way to a turtle rescue in her new amphibious car, and a baby turtle is getting some much needed sustenance from Olivia's assistant robot Zobo.

The lower left inset shows some detail at the back of the rescue center.

The back of the box also has a wave graphic with a cameo showing Olivia and her rescue robot Zobo .   There are many activities depicted here suggesting lots of different play activities. 

The box top has close-up images of various mini doll accessories that are included in the set, and an actual sized image of Olivia for reference.  The bottom of the box shows the standard Friends brick collage with the included mini-doll and animals.   There is also an ad for the LEGO Life app ad, and information about recycling.

One side of the box shows a warning that this product contains small parts.  The other side  is a "scene slice" showing Olivia's amphibious car on land, and her robot Zobo, bringing much needed supplies!

In the box is an instructions book, a small sticker sheets, and 2 parts bags.

Bag 1 contains all of the parts to build Olivia, a family of turtles, two hatched turtle eggs (these are actually mini-fig crowns), and lots of other really useful parts.  None of these parts are unique to just this set.

Bag 2 contains a good selection of useful parts, but like bag one there are no unique items here.

In this set we get Olivia wearing her dark pink and dark azure wet suit.  Pictured above are also the Turtle family provided.  Looks like one baby turtle has gotten away, as three are provided in this set!

The instructions include the usual pages including a breakdown of what components will be built using the parts within the numbered bags.  Bag one in this set includes Olivia, Zobo, three turtles, a small reef, and the amphibious car.

Building the amphibious car was definitely the highlight of this set.  While the build techniques used are fairly simple, the resulting boat/car is a satisfying little build.  In the scene above you see Zobo feeding a baby turtle at the edge of the reef.

Bag two contains all of the parts needed to build the rescue center.

Above is the completed rescue center.   It looks really nice from the front, including steps with railings, a life rescue ring, a personal flotation device, and a sign overhead which clearly expresses that this is the Turtle Rescue Center!  Inside the building are supplies to feed hungry turtles and two green mats for turtles to rest on.  The flag has an interesting sticker applied that has a heart shaped life ring an a shell from the beach.

A fun little Easter Egg can be found under the deck of the hut; which is a tiny sandcastle and beach ball.   A similar sand castles can be found in the Lighthouse Rescue Center.

Here is a close-up of the Turtle Sign above the entrance to the Rescue Center!  This turtle looks just a little tired.

Above is a scene showing everything you get to build in this set.  Lots of opportunities for play here!  Also, you can never have enough baby turtles!

Here you can see the baby turtles making their way over to Olivia to get some juice!  Even baby turtles need to keep hydrated!

Many extra parts are included in this set, although all of them are small.  Its a good selection, with a few printed pieces that always come in handy!


So who knew turtles needed rescuing?   It is a good thing that Olivia is running this rescue center, and has Zobo to assist her!  Having an amphibious car was also good planning as turtles can be found both in the water and sometimes on land!

Overall this is a cute little set, offering lots of play opportunities for curious minds.

This set was provided by the AFOL Engagement of The LEGO Group for the purpose of sharing set details with fans. Opinions provided here solely reflect those of our reviewer. Photographs are property of FriendsBricks and are not directed by TLG in any fashion.
This set would be nice addition to any of the other Sea Life sub-themed Rescue Sets released in 2019 including:

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