May 1, 2020

Review: 41371 Mia's Horse Trailer

Choosing a very sunny spot in the forest -- Mia feeds her new white horse a carrot.  Good thing she has sunglasses!  Emma checks the crate for supplies and they are so busy -- they don't even notice the wild bunny hideout!

Box front has a fun scene with Mia feeding her horse, while Emma checks the crate. At first I thought the bunny would be Cinnamon, yet the box does not indicate a name for the bunny or horse. Only after building did I realize it's "wild" bunny, and not a hutch -- it's a hideout.
It seems they are just now unloading at this forest site. The BFF heart inset indicates this is a core HLC set.

Box back shows activities for this set. The 5 core Friends in their default outfits appear on the lower left, while Mia has a large cameo on the opposite corner -- since it's her set.

Box side have the scene slice with Mia riding, while Emma makes sure that bunny isn't run over.
The other side has a brick collage. Box top has our Mini-doll names next to them. This white horse doesn't seem to have a name via box art or product description. This is a departure from previous horse sets.
The box bottom has both mini-dolls along with another brick collage, plus LEGO Life ad. They have also included how to recycle the contents, with a link for US and Canada.

Box contents: A 75-page Instruction book (slightly curled), sticker sheet, two numbered bags of parts, and the white horse in its own soft bag.

Bag 1 parts: The 1x8 dark azure tiles are only in 3 sets. The Wall element 3x4x6 with curve and Wall element that is 3x3x6 with a 1/4 in Lime green are only in this set. The 3x3 plates in Lime (bright yellowish green) are only otherwise in 41392 Nature Glamping.

Both smaller bags of parts from Bag 1: Nothing really new, yet it's nice to get a helmet with hair integrated *and* regular hair to switch out for Mia!
There will be a clever use of this grey robot arms ...

First build Mia and give her a grooming brush and sunglasses. Then attach the blanket and bridle to the horse; you must remove the 2x2 white horse back section to do so.
The only other set with this pure white horse is 41159 Cinderella's Carriage Ride. The crate gets a bale of hay and carrot.

Mia is wearing her standard raglan sleeve shirt in dark azure, lime green, with purple pocket. The Lightning bolt with twig is her signature icon. The navy pants and boots are perfect for this set -- and have appeared many times.
Her shirt's back has no print, yet the pants have pockets. It's interesting to see her hair integrated into the black riding helmet -- with a lower ponytail. It also came in Heartlake City Bricks Box 41431. Even though the black helmet with Mia hair is new here, she's had her ponytail attached to a Magenta helmet in two sets: Heartlake Skate Park 41099 and Mia's Beach Scooter 41306.

Next we begin building the trailer. The interior is quite substantial with an arch for structural support. We tuck the Lavender saddle there.
Notice the trans pink 1x1 plates in the upper image, below the white clips? Those help a builder with level support as they attach the plates for building the trailer's floor.

The side wall elements are added and back hatch/ramp door. I've included an inset of the interior of a corner wall piece. Since it's quite hollow, we need the interior support.

It's very sturdy now -- you can set it upside down and it won't buckle. Although I didn't add the stickers to the curvy wall panels, I did add a cute sticker to the back tile with studs. The tile is actually upside down because I applied the sticker up-side-down ... oops! I was concentrating on straightness. Which is another reason I didn't want to try the curvy sticker application. Plus, I wasn't sure if I'd do a rebuild with the parts right away ...

We turn the trailer upside down to add axles and wheels.

Everything Bag 1 parts build, plus spares. Now you can see the clever use of a grey robot arm as the hitch stabilizer -- for when it's not attached to the truck.

A close-up of the stickers with Mia's colors and icons. I couldn't resist #2 bumper stickers! I know the target audience loves stickers, yet I think the build is colorful enough without.

Bag 2 parts: The four 2x4x1 brick with screen (for over the wheels) in dark purple (medium Lilac) is only otherwise in The Joker Notorious Lowrider!

Bag 2's inner bag of parts: Nothing real new, although I'm sure the grey ingot is rare -- and maybe a first for Friends. It's between the 2 brown 1x1s.

First we build Emma and the bunny hideout. The flowery branch is connected via 1 blue Technic pin, so it can sway -- and "hide" the bunny! Real bunnies are quite clever like that too.

Emma is wearing new light Royal Blue pants with Lavender boots that are only in this set. She also wears this top in Olivia's Cupcake Café 41366.
The Lavender shirt has white bird silhouettes -- perhaps cranes. The denim looking vest with pockets is paired with two stands of pearls.

We then begin building the truck -- starting with the chassis floorboard. It is solid! The dark purple, dark azure, and lime are Mia's colors. The dark pink seat really pops!

It's sturdy enough to place upside down and attach the axles. Notice the orange stripe next to the most bottom grey plate? That's the 2x4 smooth tile. I like that it fills in for stability, and yet when taking the truck apart later (to rebuild into something else), that placement will make it easier to separate those plates.

The Truck is done. Even though product description calls is an ATV, it really isn't; since it doesn't have independent quad suspension.
Pre-planning in the build allow for details to shine later -- such as the orange strip on the dashboard. We have 2 mini-doll foot plates, yet no steering wheel. It must be a self-driving truck ;-)

Everything bag 2 parts build -- plus spares.

Completely ready for a day in the forest! Everything all the set's parts build.

A close-up inside the trailer.

There is some room for stuff past the saddle under the arch.

The back ramp/hatch has a tile/plate with bumper stickers that I applied upside down. Rather than trying to remove it, I attached the tile with 4 studs upside down -- and really, I think it looks better. The studs line up with the rest of the studs.
If you're a parent, you may need to help a younger builder attach the ramp, because it's 4 clips at the same time. Which also makes it sturdy.

Another look at the Trailer (star of the set) and the use of grey robot arm for its stabilization when not attached to any vehicle. I like the orange stripe -- and just like others, has to be considered while building.
The truck's back tailgate doesn't fold down, yet that's no biggy to me. The grey ball joint connection for the trailer is most important. I do like the dark azure side panels; and that purple studs are exposed to secure the crate.

The other side of the trailer is solid lime. I don't miss the stickers; it seems colorful enough without. Nor do I miss the truck's hood sticker -- although they are Mia's motifs.
She and Emma are heading out for more supplies.

Let's see where the horse stays while they are gone; the hinged side lifts up easily with the grey plate's ridge, yet stays closed when down. Inside the trailer is room enough for the horse, yet not too much for it to get stuck sideways and injured. Since it stands on smooth tiles with no studs, it's easier to pull back out. Yet, it will jiggle around a bit when picking up the trailer.

It's magenta blanket really pops with color -- and adds to the overall "colorful" set!

They left a 'huge' carrot for the bunny! That grey ingot piece tops off this bunny hideout made of stone with moss and a flowery bush.

Well, look who hitched a ride! Emma and Mia are too busy chatting to notice :-)

This set was fun to build, not only because of the nice, new and interesting parts -- yet also the idea of a trip to the forest with a horse! The trailer and truck are both very solid. Friends vehicles have always been designed that way. Plus, they certainly teach builders new techniques.

For LEGO horse lovers, I'd recommend getting this set before it's gone. So far, it's one of only 2 sets with the pure white horse. Fans of Mia will like it. Fans of any LEGO vehicles should like it -- since I present them here without stickers -- the truck especially can fit any theme or layout.

While some fans may scoff and say it's just another Friends "horse" set, I'd say they should read this review and realize it's more. It's more about vehicle building than horsing around. I have learned critical structure tips from building the trailer, and will use in my upcoming MOCs.

This set was provided by the AFOL Engagement of The LEGO Group for the purpose of sharing set details with fans. Opinions provided here solely reflect those of our reviewer. Photographs are property of FriendsBricks and are not directed by TLG in any fashion.



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Looks great!

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Sometimes I collect the old and the new versions. I have Emma´s horse trailer - 3186 (released in 2012)and although Mia´s horse trailer is cute I won´t buy it. Thanks for the great review.

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