May 10, 2020

Review: 41374 Andrea's Pool Party

Make a splash into the pool or a splat off the wave machine. Either way there will be giggles.

The box front shows the pool by the beach behind a wall of shrubs with Heartlake City in the background. We have the 5 BFFs in the heart insert to indicate it is a core HLC set. We see the Stephanie and Andrea are the minidolls in the set. There is also an insert to show how to work the wave machine.

The back of the box shows the play features. There are number of them. Which is your favorite?

The narrow sides of the box have a scene slice of Stephanie shooting a water stud shooter and Andrea wearing flippers and warning messages in French and Spanish. The wider sides of the box have a collage of pieces and the minidolls at 1:1 scale. There are usual LEGO Life App, UPC barcode, and recycling information.

Inside the box we have 4 numbered bags, 1 unnumbered bag, an instruction book and a sticker sheet. The sticker sheet came a little crunched. After putting it under some heavy books, it flattened out.

Here is the instruction booklet. It has 111 pages and 109 steps.

There are 11 stickers to apply.

Here are the pieces in the unnumbered bag. We get a MURP and a LURP in dark bluish grey.

Bag #1. The dark pink 4x4 round plate with 2x2 hole and the bright light yellow 2x6 round corner plates are available in one other set.

The contents of the smaller bag. We get a tan Technic engine crankshaft center, useful for making circular to linear movements.

Yay, building time! First we assemble Andrea and Stephanie. Why are they pointing water stud shooters at me? I'm going to have to grab that pineapple float for a water shield.

Finishing bag #1, we have the flamingo and pineapple floats, a pair of water stud shooters, and a wave machine. The waves can move up and down by turning the knob back and forth. Stephanie has clutch power to stay on the surf board. How much waving can she stay on for?

Let's take a closer look with Andrea and Stephanie. Andrea is wearing a gold tube top and white skirt with gold sandals. Her torso and legs are new. Stephanie has a magenta and medium blue top and bright pink skirt with pearl dark gray sandals. They are also new.

Onward to bag #2. The dark pink 1x6 brick can be found in one other set.

Here are the contents of the two smaller bags. We have some formal bow ties to wear to the party.

Completing bag #2, we have a shower, a pair of lockers, a bin for wet gear. Are you tall enough to go on the water slide?

On the other side, we have a water fall to stand under. There is a change room with a toilet. Yay, it has a roll of toilet paper too. There is sink on the outside to wash your hands.

Bag #3. The dark pink 4x4 macaroni brick with 3 studs are new.

In the smaller bag, the lime 2x2 macaroni bricks are available into two other sets. The nougat minifigure head is new. The sand green bar holder with clip can be found in two other sets.

Bag #3 done. We have a wet juice bar that can be placed in the pool. There is an aquarium under the water slide. We have a bubbly "jacuzzi" section with a palm tree.

Here are the contents of bag #4. The yellow 4x4 macaroni bricks with 3 studs are new. The dark pink 2x2 corner bricks can be found in one other set.

Here are the pieces in the smaller bag. We get a pair of LP records for Andrea to spin a tune.

Finishing bag #4, we have Andrea's music stage. There is springy diving board. There are attachment points in the pool for the juice bar and stools.

These are the left over pieces. It's nice to have extra minidoll wearable accessories.

Let's invite some friends over on for a big pool party.
(Note: extra minidolls and animals are not included with this set.)


Andrea sure likes swimming pools. This is the third Heartlake pool set to feature Andrea. Previously there were 41008 Heartlake City Pool and 41313 Heartlake Summer Pool. This set has functional play features like a wave machine and water stud shooters, not found in the other pool sets. It has plenty of room for friends to join in the fun. If you don't have the other pool sets, this would be a cool addition for a hot day.

And now for a bit of Olivia science experiment. Let's use a LEGO motor to make the wave machine to go faster and faster. Will Andrea stay on?  (Instructions on how to add a motor are in the video.)

Thanks for reading.

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